Monday, February 4, 2008

MM & Travel Reports

I'm home and I'm getting too old for this crap! THATS a long trip....IN WIND DRIVEN RAIN!
I feel pretty much like I've been chewed up and spit out u know? But I'll recover.... right?
The week end was one of the fastest and most draining that I can recall.
First let me say this. FRANKI VALLE IS HELLA OLD! And the 4 Seasons? They are young!!!!!
Yep yep yep, he got him some new spry seasons:) As long as I focussed on them, and the music, I was fine! If my eyes wandered back to Franki, I just cringed and thought NOOOOO this isnt right, cant be??????Come on!!! With every falseto note the man pushed in his groin!!!! STOP THAT!!! My Mother was incredulous! she said Dad loooked younger at 80, (and I laughed to myself at the thought of Dad belting our those songs at his age.) I loved all of the music though, it was a great nostalgic journey!
I enjoyed my Gr Baby girl so much! We went to Sushi and she impressed me with her love for the dishes, all of them! She was a perfect angel and her appetite scared me a little! lol I think its
My Ginger is staying with Aunt Kelly for a few weeks for the Hawaii trip, I miss her already. She has border collies to play with, and a couple slappy cats that really dont like her much? Poor Ginny....
I'll be making ready for the trip this week, in between quilts, OF COURSE! Hey! Speaking of... both the customs were well recieved and I do so love to see happy customers up there!
Upon my arrival home, tired, deshevled, road weary....I was greeted by a cute lil reveal package from my secret quilting sister!!!! I was so excited, inside I jumped while my body fell into the corner of the Thank You Gretchen for a most enjoyable 6 months of fun from you! I love the chicken pin cusion, it smells heavenly! But I gotta tell ya woman..... the last line, expect something SHINY in the mail? HOLY crap do you know what happens to me with these words? I feel like a 6 year old!! WHAT IS ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????????????????????LMAO!!!!
I love this SS game, and boy, I have a wonderful new friend! LYG!!!!!!
I'm off to work, have a great Momday!!

  • Secret Sisters
  • good road gripper tires to dodge sage brush
  • being strong, mind, body, spirit
  • Avi, kiss me right here:)
  • homecoming to Rudy screaming WOW!!!!! I LOVE YOU!(who is now regalling me with Herb alpert and the tijuana brass, TEQUILLA!
  • freezer foods so I dont have to cook when im
  • happy customers


Desert Threads said...

Glad you made it home safe and start using the postal service......neither rain, now snow, nor sleet nor gloom of know all that crap we pay for for late mail???

Deb said...

Welcome home sweet pea. Join the next Mqr postcard's fun

As for Frankie...old, smold...we're all ther darlin! Some of us just age better than others, LOL. Poor Frankie!

Di said...

Gina, there is some rich paople who have a summer estate in a little coastal town not far from me and every year they have a huge July 4th celebration and invite the towns people. My sister got tickets and couple years ago and we went, Frankie Valle was preforming that year. He was old but man I liked those seasons huh? wink wink. The funny thing was, Jacob actually liked some of the music!

DearGina said...

I'm STILL singing!!!
I loved the Seasons guys too Di.... Pecks! Show me Pecks!!
(bad girl)

I joined the Postcard craze.....look

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