Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boston MA, Take A Picture.....

Take a picture" is a terminology I learned from Blima. However, I think being the English translation from the Jewish term, loses something? It means, We dont need a go back, take a picture, we're sooo out of here! I should brush up on the chokey version:)
I must have at least 6 stories from four states in this roadtrip of 2006. Ogunquit Maine, No Conway,NH, Vermont, Boston, MA. The last , I say, take a picture. What a huge confusing alien State this is!

Did you guys see the Oprah show where she and her pal Gayle road tripped alone, no chauffeurs and made memories? Well, lemme tell ya, they pale in comparison to mine and Blimas- Thelma and Louise jaunts round the nation! I cannot remember in which sequence we actually hit Boston, I think I am slowly mind blocking it. I was lost in thier innovative underground highway system, and the keystone cops pissed me off royally! And BTW.. I PAID more road tolls than in my entire life in California with our bridges to cross! We were truly on a roller coaster ride of freeways, bypasses, turnpikes, and real live Keystone cops that thought WE were the aliens! All I wanted to do was find our hotel in the rain? We even followed a taxi to find it, and got lost further!

* Sidenote, Blima has since been put on probation for hotel locations after this blooper.
Finally hit a corner, where the hotel would be, I see there is no parking, and a strange bar/club on the corner filled with men. Hmmm... no worries... sports bar me thinks. Pondering toting luggage in the rain now, Blima looking sheepishly in the passenger seat, slowly sinking at the looks of our less than desirable accommodations for the night. We made it inside the old brick brownstone. Obviously it has been there since time began. Kind of puts you in mind of an All My Children episode. While sizing things up at the check in desk, Im getting a bad feeling here. Is it me , or is there alot of strangely dressed, feminine type men walking up and down stairs, and noticeably coming from the SPORTSBAR next door? Hmmmmm. I leaned into Blim and whispered that I didnt think Walt would be happy if he knew where we were right now. Her silence spoke volumes. GRUNT.
Intent on making the best of things, we checked in and barricaded our door. The room was adequate, at best.. Im really being "nice". But we were in a hurry to get to the CHEERS bar for Petes sake! ( Which i think is the only reason we came to Boston in the first place?) We took a cab downtown, and wondered in the rain, took pictures with cheers manikins, and shopped a bit. Tired and hungry, wet and thirsty, we spotted a pub with seating.

* Sidenote.... Did you know that theres a HUGE population of Irishmen in Boston?

Salty Dawgs, yes, that was it. We dined and drank with a Fresh Irishman Bartender/server. who took a fancy to Blima, who, btw, doesn't do more than 2 glasses of red wine, and STAY on her stool well. She's so lucky she has me to watch over her. ppffft. After cooling SD's jets, I removed Blim from the stool, and flagged a cab. Guess who was driving? Yep, an Irishman! Now, dont get me wrong, I love em, theyre cute and all, but I never even thought they were so many in one place? It was like a little trip to Ireland? The nice man took us to our hotel, and upon turning the corner, asked if we were SURE that this is our hotel? Why, I asked? He snickered loudly and said that it wasnt a good place for two fine lassies like ourselves. OMFG my suspitions were so true. I elbowed my red wine giggler. He told us of our "corner establishment, and how it was all the rage in Boston, for the Gay community, and to hold on tight, cause it would be a bumpy night.
PEACHY, Walts going to kill me.
We made it through the night, laughing and being scared a little too. The partying went on and on... when we came down looking for coffee in the morning, there were men all over doing the same, looking desheveled and hungover. They would smile, seemingly nice guys u know? We would smile, however, they looked at us like WHAT are you doing here? Again, that alien feeling came over me. We couldnt get out of there fast enough. I told Blima in the car, looking for a freeway to anywhere, TAKE A PICTURE BLIMA!


Jan Thompson said...

Oh my, Gina - this is toooo funny! We felt the same when we visited Boston - people actually double park on every street, red lights mean nothing, and even the police were honking us to run the light!! Not a good place to be driving! Loved your memories!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I miss you so much. I howled at... I am on probation for finding hotels, and you're right, we do the best roadtrips and make the best memories.
So...what are we doing this summer?

LU, Blima.

The Sarah Bear said...

I think you and Blima could do a show! How about "Two Crazy Ladies and a Long Winding Road"

I don't know... but damn, would be a funny and informative "What not to do" travel show!

People would really tune in just to hear the bickering!

Love ya,

Desert Threads said...

Sounds to me like you and Blima should be banned from driving together......menace to the driving public!!!! Let me know when you two will be out and about and I will park my car in the garage..........LOL!

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