Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elephant Seals

I didnt get too far on the silk, regretably. I just cant get better, try as I may? I will be phoning the doctor today and whining about just that. This is a mighty nasty strain of Strep.

I did mangae to get out for a bit yesterday. I needed a change of scenery and to feel human a little. So I bundled up, packed my arsenal of meds...and Walt took me to see our Elephant Seals mating, birthing on the beaches here. Its quite the site! If ever you get the chance to come see, you wont be disappointed. Here are a few photos Walt took of the awesome gatherings.........
(shes so purty)

Mister Territorial:
Lil feeding going on:



Desert Threads said...

aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! I wanna come!

Jan Thompson said...

Great photos, but so sorry you are still suffering. I didn't want to mention it before, but please be careful. Do you know what strain it is? One nasty strain of strep can cause rheumatic fever - I had it when my DD was 6 weeks old - very unusual for an adult of 27 to get it, but when have I ever been usual. Anyway - RF can be quite dangerous, so make sure it isn't that strain, and please keep on top of this with the doctor! Love ya!

DearGina said...

thanks Jan... I went into dr again today... They changed antibiotics, added steroids to shrink throat,said my right ear has worsened, and added bronchitus to my list of illness:( No wonder I hurt eh? I'm not happy about this:(

Karen A. said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are not well yet. I'd would have thought it would have been gone by now....sniff. What a wonderful sight to see all those elephant seals. You are truly lucky to experience so many wonders of nature.

Get well soon and take care of you.

Karen A.

Deb said...

I loved seeing the seals when we would visit DS in San Diego. Fortunately, he now lives in Alexandria, Va..outside DC...at least on the same coast!

Go back to the doctor..ya got to get well! ((((hugs))))

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful site, but does it smell funny? lolol


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