Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Do YOU Do In The Face of Anxiety?

Well, I want to know what in blue blazes is going on in the universe since December 26th!!!
There has been more grief, more peril, tradgedies, weathermakers, Family DRAMA, in 10 days than I can almost handle? When I list it like that, and THINK... I guess it could all be worse. But I dont like being caught off guard.
Pulling out all of the stops to make things better for everyone over here. I am reeling about the above mentioned. Did something happen to upset the whole world on that day? 2 days ago I cooked until I feel into bed. Yesterday I stuck my nose into a quilt and didnt come up for air. Today, I have spent purging all of the upstairs closets in hopes that order could be restored in some way to life around the world. I have 4 hefty bags for Goodwill industries, 2 trash bags filled, everything that was removable washed, and a damned clean and desanitized sicky bedroom! I'm fixing to boil some eggs and bang some cupboards, cause thats just what I do. I opened the freezer to take out some veal, thought I'd do an Osso Bucco.. but then found my self teary eyed over the treatment of baby cows?????? WTF??
I have a leg of lamb just screaming to be turned into a tasty dish. I want to take it over to friends who are suffering.. be it a memorial, or a tree through the home. I want to make some cookies and take a plate to anyone who will have it and say....." HERE! I love you! Dont worry, its all better now!" I suppose this is how I console myself. Much like my Rudy when stressing walks mindlessly back and forth across his perch chanting " Its okayyyy, Its Okay Rudy... its OK!" Its pretty silly I'm certain, but its a coping mechanism eh? I could be shopping right? Hmmmm Theres a thought.....
Oh, where was I? Yes, I better go find my apron, and some hormones... with a side of wine. That ought to do it.
Be safe and feel better friends & family, I'm trying to as well:)


Carol said...

I love what you write! You have a way of opening doors to the soul! Thank you!

Desert Threads said...

I have no idea either.....seems like the trip to Sac with it's icky, cloudy, misty, depressing atmosphere has rubbed off on us mortals. I don't like feeling this way.....but what the heck, I cleaned out all my sewing room drawers and gathered a bunch more fabric for Hole in the Wall quilts!

The Sarah Bear said...

Just reading you makes me better. I wish I could hangout on one of your barstools while you make the kitchen sing... I like boiled eggs.

Linda McMillan said...


I'm with you ~ can't figure out what is going on! So sad lately!

Now, if you want more closets to clean you are welcome to come to my home. We are having our January thaw, so weather is warm, ground is soggy, etc! But I have lots of closets!!!

Lynn Douglass said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time, Gina. It has been a weird couple of weeks! Hopefully, things will start looking a little brighter very soon. In the meantime, pour yourself a great glass of wine, put your feet up, and take care of you.

Karen A. said...


Glad to hear you are working your way one ever said it was going to be easy...DARN IT!

Karen A.

Deb said...

I do like you...cook and clean till I can't anymore.

Heal fast my friend.

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