Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

My Sissy... I guess she will Always be 6 years younger than I..... grunt. Kelly is nothing short of good fun to be with, chat with, cry with. Not one other person on earth shares what we share as sisters. We are bonded by that alone eh? Gifted in many ways, this woman is to be admired for her sweet spirit and loving heart. Ok, she has a green thumb too, and I I wish soooo much she would just take a half a liking to quilting so that we could share even more. I gave a slight nudge with shiva stix at Christmas... we shall see....LOL She has always been incredibly creative.. and had an interest in textiles too!
Happy Birthday Kelly! I love you!


Desert Threads said...

Happy birthday sis!!!!

Deb said...

Enjoy every moment with her! I too have a younger sister, Mary. We share this quilting passion and for that I am for ever thankful. ANd she's coming to visit the end of the month...yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelly.
Dont have a second thought about quilting, all you have to do is whine or ask Gina to make it for you. :)

all the best,


Carol said...

Enjoy your time together! I am sitting here this morning enjoying a good cup of strong coffee with my "little sister".

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