Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spirit Food

I made it back from the funeral trip in less than 48 fast furious hours. Whoa.... This morning I feel lie an R. A. G. G. M. O. P. P. rag mop! BUT;.. I must also tell you that it is just good medicine for me. More and more I am learning that this is just a MUST for me! Here's how I know............
The 300 miles there was a gruelling dense fog scare.... almost ran out of gas and was nearly accosted by an attitudnal pimply faced disrespectful teenager.
The 300 miles return home was a sunny, pleasant ponderings of visits with distant relatives and my friends and family....added things to my bucket list.... viewing avocado orchards, new foothill greenery, and man this jeep is a little spitfire of a vehicle.
When I began, I was still "pissy'. Pissy calls pissy.. ( if I were living by the SECRET EH)
Upon my return, I had been fed. Fed some heart food. Enough to fill me up for awhile. As you may or not recall in earlier posts. They are the air that I breath. So..... thats all that I have to say about that.
If one can enjoy a funeral, I guess I did. I felt a celebration of my Uncle Smiles life. He was loved by many, and lived a full life indeed. I visited with many relatives that we unfortunaley only see on these types of occasions. I soaked up every bit of it from a table of my closest family members.(when I wasnt up "workin" the My neice and nephew ( Matt n Jackie, sis kids) were wide eyed at this gathering, I thought it funny and asked why they were so amazed. They had no answer, so I made up a reason and told them that I didnt want ANYONE in black at my funeral, get a pen, write it down. They, along with my kids have been instructed that every guest there must look like a flower. Smiles on faces, and celebrate my life. PERIOD.
What a snapshot in my mind of my Mothers side of the family. Eleven siblings, less one. A group shot of all of the cousins gave me such pause. I barely slept that night replaying all of it over and over again. I laughed at the sea of dark skinned family, and my daughter spotted in the center, a light skinned blond. LOL. I had aunts and uncles asking me if THAT blond was biological, because they THINK she looks like me....LMAO. My Grand daughter Avi was a perfect angel, only spilling her drinks twice... thats not too bad right?
I held my sisters hand as we said goodbye to Uncle Smiles together. We looked at the faces of our cousins(Smiles daughters, our ages) and I whispered that I fear we are next. My parents did well, but noticeably the weakest of the family too. My biggest wake up call mortally, speaking was watching how all of those Aunts and uncles were not the healthiest they could be, and upon further investigation they had all contracted the same dreadful disease my Mother and grand mother has. Type II Diabetes. Prevalent on the maternal side of the family, but also in Hispanic decent. I personally have it on the paternal Italian side as well. If this doesn't smack me stupid, (read SMART) nothing will.
I had two, count em two coffee chats with pals!!! What good spirit food THAT is! Avi and I watched TV in bed together where she repeatedly said.. "Nonni? Do you love me?" ( her new thing)... if she only I was going to bring her home with me, but she contracted what I think is the same nasty chest cold her Papa Bear has.... grunt.
Well, I've bent your eyes enough for a Sunday... took us all to church me I shall go make a list... a days list, a shopping list, and yes, a bucket list. I've got stuff to do!


Karen A. said...

Hi G....nice to have you back with 'us'. Happy to hear that you've been fed with spirtual well-being.

Karen A.

Deb said...

I know what you feeds the soul. Glad you were able to spend time with your extended family, even though the circumstances weren't the best. Hope you are healing now.

Dianah said...

I am glad I got to see you. Are you CA's next millionair?

DearGina said...

lol nope Dy... nada:( But it was sure fun!!!

Lynn Douglass said...

I just told Scott last week, that we need to make a bucket list! The boys are old enough to be doing their own thing, and it's time! As for my funeral, I've always let everyone know that I want a celtic celebration of life! They know, no sad music for me! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound, Gina.

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