Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lifes Short, Travel Much II

So, I spent the day on this ponder food. ( ok, I spend many days on THIS particular subject) I gotta tell ya, I went everywhere in my day dreams while quilting a black n white & red all over king yesterday! LOL. I decided I needed a list. Now most of you post UFO lists for a blogabout. Nope... No can do.. that cabinet is too scary for me! I'd rather go places, see things! Hmmm, maybe I can do both? We will call it UFO Daydreams. ( while making money ...) I'm not sure how that can work, but I'll ponder that. I find it quite hard to save 20 bucks let alone trip monies. I know the grass isn't really greener, and I'm oh so happy here at home, but its so..... dare I say... educational? to expand my knowledge by discovering new places. ( oh sheet I'm rambling) Just some pressing travel thoughts:

  1. Italy. I wish to bounce around from city to city. Marvel at the Vatican, wiggle my fingers in the water from a gondola, and be kissed in the Tuscan moonlight. Smell the muskiness of oak barrels in the wine cellars of Sicily and watch the sun set on a foreign sea. Oh yeah, and bring home those beautiful linen fabrics!
  2. Alaska. how huge ARE those glaciers? Whats the deal on those Inuit Indians anyway? God knows I love a harvest moon, but I'd love to watch the midnight sun.
  3. Mexico, Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. And deep in the Gulf of Mexico.Is there a sign where the pacific meets the Atlantic? LMAO!!!! I want to see Walt battle a Marlin with a giant belly laugh going on. Feel the warm wind and see right through the baby blue waters. This should be in the number one spot up
  4. Maui.And I'm almost there! WOOHOO!! I cant wait to stick my toes in powdery sand! Is it like California at all? Can I see through the water there? To actually feel a tradewind is a mystery to me, and will I like warm rain? Do real flower lays smell good around my neck? Will it compete with my perfume? Will I ralph on the road to Hana? Why DO people want to see the Limburgh gravesite anyway? AH! I cannot wait to taste their kind of cooking! Is there Sushi second to none? Hmmmmm I dunnooooooo

Truly, I could go on and on with just trips inside the states, but I gotta go to work!!! Maybe there will be a travel III?

Have a good Thursday! Tomorrow will be a travel day for me...LOL ( I saw u laugh) Its a familiar route unfortunately... The funeral for My Uncle Smiles. I wont be gone long, just hugging my Mom, and kissin the kids... saying all the usual things to the distant relatives like " we gotta get together more, and not just at these kinds of events". Grunt. Not thrilled, and I hate wearing black. I loved Ronda in her blue... WTG girlfriend... Maybe I'll do color instead... maybe teal...... hmmmmmm

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Mary said...

I LOVE traveling and it's one of the biggest perks of my husband's job that I get to tag along when I want to. He's in the process of planning a business trip to Copenhagen and Paris for the end of February and I hope to make that trip with him. In the meantime, I decided to head to Florida in a couple weeks to visit Deb. I'm lucky to have quilting sisters and Mom.

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