Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Life's Short, Travel Much

I cant wait to see THE BUCKET LIST, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. I like them both, and I WISH I would have thought of that GREAT title!! While I was quilting away yesterday, Fox news in the background all day listening (NOT) to the NH Primary returns... I began to ponder this bucket list. I wont be the one to say that I need to sky dive before I die, or any other super adventurous thing like bungee I will however stand up right now and say that there are ALOT of places I need to SEE ( and not on the Internet) before I die! Last night (while watching NH primary returns) I was secretly squealing like a pig at the pictures on TV where I had actually been!! Yep yep yep... I saw the highway in which I drove with Blima across those states, shopping and visiting quilt shops along the way. Damned good fun. Dragging home rocks from wherever I am...( ssshhh) Sometimes this wasnt easy I tell you! **Side note** Leaving all those rocks in our yard in the valley wasnt easy either!!!
I cant wait for Hawaii next month, just to Know that I can cross that off of my bucket list! I am THIS old, and really haven't ventured out much at all! When my Sis and I were growing up, we didn't get much further than camping locally. When my kids were growing up, well, children learn what they lived eh? Dumbass....Maybe people get so busy raising kids that they forget all that there is to see out there? We get so wrapped up in everyday life that it becomes the norm, and I dont think its beneficial to the kids at all. Bummer news is that there are no GO BACKS in parenting. If I had one, I'd take off every chance I could. See what there is to see. Further than Yosemite or the Bay area! My son James has been everywhere, and loves to regale us with stories about the colleges he visited. ( light concert shows)
So, how does one afford these "trips"? Do you sacrifice everyday amenities to save for broadening your horizons? Live in a smaller cheaper home? Ya cant go the make more money round because that just keeps you home working more.... Pondering.................
We are trying for Italy in 2008. My paternal ancestors homeland. The verdict isnt in yet, but I intend on clipping coupons for a little insurance. Those wierdo light bulbs sure help the power bills... Why do I have to sleep anyways? I could quilt
Now that I've given you my days ponder food.... I will go to work on that bucket list... you can too K? Its fun!

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT: only 14 of all our country? tsk tsk tsk....

California (home sweet home, and still haven't seen it all? Ok, almost all)
New Hampshire
New York (I need a go back)
Montreal (second Home)
Niagara on the Lake
Juarez Mexico
Encinada and Tijuana Mx


Mala@traveling-stories-magazine said...

Good ones! I would love to go (and go back) to all those places. But to some of them, I have to wait till summer!
Mala Mukunda

Deb said... Florida on that list???
It's beautiful here Nov to May! And I thought you loved me :(

Gayle said...

Planning your trip here..... Oct is beautiful in Pennsylvania....stop here for a week on the way to Deb's. I can help you drive, then we can head south and east. Whatcha say?


DearGina said...

well, looky there... already penn, and fl to go to!!!! I cant wait to put those on the been there done that list too!!!!
You guys are the best!

Dianah said...

I think you're ahead of me on States, only by afew. But I'm leading on countries. I have also done FL and laid over in PA.


Anonymous said...

Gina the Bucket list only got 2/4 stars here. :(

Anonymous said...

I went to see The Bucket List last night.What a gift. Two of the world's greatest actors come together and create movie magic. You will laugh, out loud, more than a few times. You will feel the power of the message to your core, and yes, you will cry. It is a good cry though,not a date movie, tear-jerking cry. Back to the stars of the film...Morgan Freeman is a treasure. Once again his understated majesty knocked my socks off. I cannot think of another actor who even comes close to conveying what he does on screen. And Jack? Wow. He is pitch perfect. Sean Hayes who surprised me completely. I don't know how his name even came up for a role like this, but he was marvelous. Understated (amazing) and right on the mark. Morgan, Jack & Rob, welcome back to the Five Star list...AGAIN

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