Monday, January 14, 2008

MM-The Bucket List Review_ update!!

Hey, I like it when MM comes right after Sunday Matinee's! Walt and I used to be avid matinee-ers... I dunno why we stopped. Its good inexpensive fun. I had a difficult time deciding over the Bucket List and Charlie Wilson's war, then I looked up at the times and sure enough, I had no choice.

Good call! It was a great movie~! The reason is because it surprised me in a few places! Normally, we can just sit there and tell you the outcome, but this one, I was bawling my eyes out over not what you would think. ( the cancer) Literally, I had my whole face stuck in Walt's arm as not to SOB OUT LOUD, like so many others I heard. What a great thing it is also to hear audience applause after the credits begin to roll.
Morgan Freeman's voice works on me like a tonic, and Jack Nicholson is...well.... him? I'm certain that everyone who comes out of the theatre is making a bucket list of their own. The trouble is, mine is getting so long! Good news is, there is more there than travelling, but Blima? get a suitcase out! Lets roll!
** I forgot a VERY important mention!!! This movie debuts John Mayers new song... "SAY" ( what u need to say)... which... WHENS THE CD COMING????????


For safe driving in scary conditions, and answered prayer.
For my quilting community, what on earth did I do to deserve such good colleague's...
For a website in which more work comes in!
For UGG slippers to warm my Popsicle toes each day
For the strength and tenacity of my husband.
For my Moms good fingernails:)
For a huge, loving, totally dysfunctional family.


Desert Threads said...

I'll wait till it comes out on DVD.....then I can sit around in my jammies, smoking like a choo choo train and sippin my iced tea!!
Great things to be thankful for girlfriend.

Di said...

Hey Gina, you really like the bucket list? I really want to see this movie but then I saw the critics opinion of it and they say it fell short of what these two actors are capable of. But I would believe you more than the critics if you say it is worth seeing!
And I am going to grab up your marvolous sounding chili recipe too!

DearGina said...

It was great Di... Even Walt loved it, and he is a guy who doesnt like 6 hankie The critics were probobly insensitive dorks:)
I wouldnt say that this is thier best performance 5/5.... but what i will say is that it was real, believeable, laughter through tears, entertaining fun. Which is why I go:)

Carla said...

Hi Gina, yes, the critics really slammed this movie. Good to get another viewpoint.

Deb said...

dysfunctional families are the best, aren't they. Who wants perfect boring!

Anonymous said...

Gina, go see Charlie Wilsons War, it was great too & you will love Phillip Seymour Hoffman's charactor.

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