Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Changes A Foot: Maybe

"Ya got to take care of business if you want your business to take care of you."
K. Dee
Well, the words rang true enough today. I am trying to hold on to my passion of my quilting business. With my entire S.O.U.L.
I wonder if its even possible now? A supplemental business as I know, but I .... I....
I'm NOT getting any younger! I shoulda been rich by now! ( sorry, momentary loss in emotion there).
I saw these words on the screen from a friend, and it nearly threw me over the desk. Do I take care of it? Really?
 Must I REALLY put on heels and have power lunches and smile a phoney smile again? Come on... I dont want to:(    I love my jeans and sneakers, lunch with colleagues that consist of wine and laughter. Dancing and singing in my studio as if no one is listening/watching! Oh wait! No one is!!!!
 Hey, any market for a web cam quilter with a half ass good voice?
(white girls cant dance) Just saying~
 My Sensi.... in the beginning of this journey said to me. "All quilters have three lean months and they all begin with J."  I personally have never had this problem, until now. Its January. Chit. I dont see golfers backing off, why should quilters?
I printed my resume. Its Stellar. I was a good girl eh.... shoot. I will go ONLY if I MUST, but I will go kicking and screaming back to the corporate world. GRUNT.
Do you all remember the couple years spent as a superstar B & B Innkeeper? Yeah, it nearly killed me. Serious money made though right??? lol So not worth it. I dont even have the car I paid off anymore!!! WTF???    I never worked so hard in my life! I think back on that now and swoon over the tales told of all of my guests. The places they travel, the things they witnessed. Then I get pissed, because it should be
 I have a sweet challenge this month! Dont mean to change the subject, but of course it did.
I have been comissioned to do a nice photo memory quilt with dogs! Its going to be fun! I am nearly certain that I will do it all in hand dyes. I love the natural elegance. But you knew that. Dont forget that NY goal of a poodle quilt!! I'll get to it.
Progress on the James Tee shirt quilt. Another mountain to climb. Its halfway through now. I take many breaks to change the channel in my mind. Jake will adore it. Today I wrote on one shirt James favorite farewell. " I'll see ya when I see ya".
The block I stitched it on was Jakes duffle bag that he gave to James upon his return from his tour of duty in Iraq. They were so close that I smiled about the young years when I thought that they would kill each other over Legos and transformers. I did something right. Or, it may have been the beer. GRUNT.
Today is my favorite day of the week! Stitch and Bitch night! Who's swinging by? I have some fresh hummous and pita chips. Okay, and wine.
Love yer guts! G


Anonymous said...

I too am feeling the tug to go back to the outside work world. Afterall we have to support ourselves right? UGH!! I am dreading it...seems you are too. The part I hate the most is that danged time clock! Let's hang in there together...time will keep marching that song!!
Love ya G!!

Anonymous said...

I'm NOT going!! No way, no how. Unfortunately gals, there is a serious issue we need to face. I'm just as guilty, but I see it here too. One needs to make a budget and STICK to it. We don't need jewelry, we don't need extra decor, we don't need pretty bling. Sure, it brings us joy, but just think of the value of all that stuff. If you didn't buy any of it, wouldn't you be rich by now? Maybe not in the pleasure of your life, but in your bank account? So, my plan is buy way less than before. If I don't have enough funds, I don't buy it. My deal when I retired was I had to make enough quilting every month to pay for my health insurance ($400). I'm managing to do that. I get to spend whatever else there is over that, but I have to save it up if I want to go on trips. I'm doing both MQX's this year, so I have to save that money. Tighten the belt!! Drink water instead of wine!! Go for a walk instead of driving a long way or going to the movies or out to dinner!! I know - boring, but staying home in your jammies and rockin' out is so much more fun than strapping on the zuit suit and hitting the bricks.

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