Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One For The Money

"I care not what others think of what I do,
but I care very much about what I think of what I do!
That is character."

– Theodore Roosevelt

ONE STAR, cause her leading man is cute!

One for the Money  has Katherine Heigl playing Stephanie Plum, a recent divorcĂ©e who returns to her New Jersey hometown, finds inexperianced work as a bail bondsman, and is soon on the hunt for the gruffy fugitive who took her virginity on the floor of a local bakery some 15 years earlier.
Directed by Grey's Anatomy vet Julie Anne Robinson. This is as  dumb as romantic-comedies get. THEE only thing that I enjoyed was her co star leading man  Mel Gibson type, Jason O'Mara.  I believe that they could actually be related! He plays "Morelli" The ultimate 50 thousand dollar capture. ( Whom is the love interest). I was told that this is based on a series of books. Books I shall not buy.

Heres my question.
Where have all the good westerns gone?
Where is Clint when I need him? Tommy Lee Jones? Robert Duvall? Sam Elliot?
John Wayne I miss you. I would even love to watch an entire film on the Marlboro Man as opposed to the likes of poorly made romantic comedies.
Sorry? Just saying?
 I L.O.V.E. comedy, I'll leave now and go find one. Until my Marlboro Man shows up.


Pirate said...

actually, *do* read the Stephanie Plum series ... they are hysterically funny. they have action along the way and some romantic interests. Stephanie Plum is a completely absurd character to plop into a bailbondsman role ... but the contradiction and the way she gets herself into and out of situations is very amusing. Think of Lucille Ball without the "madcap" aspect. Definitely a fluff series of books that makes for very light and fast reading.

I read the series (complete through the time I was reading them .. I think more have come out since then) by going to a used book store ... same words, same enjoyment .. less money. AND I sold them back to the store to fund the next books!

Really .. give the book a shot. :-)

Marilyn said...

Good Luck on that Marlboro Man !

Gretchen said...

Ha! You are missing out. Much mor fun to read. Forget about Morelli...... I'm diggin' Ranger......

Seriously, they are a fun enjoyable read. Fluff? Yes. Bur sometimes that is OK too.

Prairie Girl said...

I'm bummed.. They are one of my all time favorite book series.. Yeah, not to deep but fun and ALWAYS give you more than one good hard laugh... and I am not easily amused to belly laugh mode...

The previews didn't even bring a smile to my lips much less interest me, and I know and love the story and characters, so I was wondering how the movie would be...

Dang it anyway....

In the meantime, back on the prairie, I'll watch for Marlboro Men for both of us... You know they grow em out here... but that apparently doesn't make them any easier to find... sigh...

We got good ones comin' though, you and I....True story. It's our turn.

Anonymous said...

You MUST read the books starting with "One for the Money"! They are hysterical! It saddens me to hear the movie didn't follow through!

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