Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Miss Us

The best exercise for the heart is to reach down and lift someone else up.
"Tim Russert".

That would be Heather Woman. I was having some fresh gound coffee while pondering getting my lists made today. I wanted to talk to her. I have these moments you know, as do we all with various loved ones. With H, she is running 10 years behind me and common ground is compromised. Little chittlins, and hubbies, and climbing corporate ladders, and then taking those pesky pictures of Not to mention social networking!
 I hope Im not old and wrinkled before she catches up to me! It wouldnt matter anyway, for we are joined at the heart. I love that... Being joined at the heart with my Besties! Dont you? :::sigh:::
I have Sistas from another Mother! I am so fortunate. Sometimes I feel that I'll go mental before I have face time with them.

I havent seen my Blima in so long I wonder if she is really real or just a figment of my imagination! I havent had a good road trip in 3 years!!! Wow... Its been quite a ride dear blog readers.... The good news is, I feel life being breathed back into me. Even though life kinda stinks right now.
 I have a new plan to see her in August. Plan K, or 11, depending on which way I list it on which day. I think her new pups will bite me when I finally meet them:( I want a lobster roll, and I want to steal coffee cups, and play in the Atlantic, and flirt with Irishmen! Flirt hell! I may steal a kiss this time!
 What is it five thousand miles to Montreal? May as well be millions. grunt. Which brings me back to Heather.. HEY WOMAN! Its only 200 miles!!! Get here if you can!

I think Ill go find more Bestie Pics and see who else I can whine about missing!!! Lets See.... Betty Anne... Sissy... Ronda.... Omg and more!   Lets have a cabin meeting somewhere and catch up!
Love yer guts !!!

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