Monday, January 16, 2012

MM I Love Bold Colors!

Take care of Business, so your Business will take care of you!
K. Dee.

Bares repeating.................

 Morning! ( for a few more minutes?) I am busy sewing, cause it keeps me off the treadmill...ssshhhh.
Do you just love these colors?? WOW!

Its really fun to quilt these, for sure.
So did you peoples see the Golden Globes? Gorgeous dresses! Gorgeous men! I see facial hair is hot this Or is it just the stubble shadows are hot? Why is that the men seem more handsome as they age and we women have to work hard to erase every year? Not fair at all.  So... I am very behind on my movie viewing. I havent been since Money Ball! I'll put that on this weeks Master list. For now I must get a boatload of things done. I lost the Monday list because I made it last night! Not good... I need my lists!
Have A Marvelous Monday! LYG!

MM's Include:

Dinner out! Damn it was too long!
The phone ringing for quilt calls!
CONTROLLED sugar levels!
Pen Pals
My 50 dollar treadmill find! Thanks KareBear!
Latisse! My lashes are lengthening! Woohoo! Hitting my readers!!!

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