Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday The Thirteenth

"Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid."
– Lady Bird Johnson

I have a huge list but all I really want to do is make a fabulous Porchini sauce! Grunt. Its noon and I havent gotten my butt on the treadmill yet. Its on the list too. I suppose I have been busy fighting the funk if you know what I mean. Its what I do.
 I got my sugar under control finally. I was so scolded this week that it scared me! I tried to tell the dr. what a rotten couple months Ive been having, however she didnt seem to care. Or did she? anyway, I wonder why everything has to be such a battle. It would be so wonderful to have smooth sailing for just a little while. It will come, I can feel it:) I can actually see it there in the distance. A few trickles and I grab them, hold on tight, and it makes the fight easier. Things so simple like the mailman leaving me happy notes for no particular The Soroptimist club calling to visit and invite me to join. As always S & B with the BFF keeps me going for a few days! Oh, another tickle is the grands calling on a new APP called TIKL. Its like a walkie talkie. All of a sudden I hear Avi screaming into the phone, NONNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It almost puts her in the room! Fun APP. Theres no ringing, its just a close ones voice when you least expect it. I made her a pillow case with minkee leopard on it.. its so warm and fuzzy that she will swoon over it. Made a few more for Jamie too. I hope its out of my system so I can move on! I am pleased that I got through the first tee shirt quilt on Wednesday. I really didnt think I would, but Lindas company did the trick. After that last block throwing me under the bus, I had no hope for that poor thing. Thanks Punisher:) Now to bind it! Onward.....
I should get on the treadmill Dear blog readers... I will ponder my sauce:) TGIF and dont be afraid of Friday the 13th... you know, like I thought nothing of 11.11.11.... Ppphhhhffftttt

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Rian said...

I bet you have the same doctor I did when I lived in AG. It sounds just like her. Glad you are pulling yourself up out of the soup.

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