Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Cherished Memory In My Hands

Well....I'm in the studio today. I have unpacked Ma's Sewing baskets while Walt re assembled her sewing desk and aged old stool that she and Dad made for the Motorcycle shop days. I do have her last industrial machine ( Consew) But her personal domestics are far more...well??? Personal? I cant tell you the times as a child I loved sitting at this stool pretending to be Mom. My daughter too would hide things in the seat cushion. ( lifts to store tools) The top is made of brown naugahyde, and it has been recovered by Mom from a harley Davidson orange! WOW! Mom herself hid things in there from us, but .... too bad Ma, I always knew where to look first. ( IE: term of endearment, NOSEY) The stool certainly wasnt built for comfort, but for posture. I am middle aged and still hear Mom scolding me to sit up straight! Suffice to say that this stool alone holds many memories and I intend on making a few more for her with my grand girls. Last evening I hemmed my brand new pair of Gym pants sitting here. It wasnt easy, however it wasnt hard. I am amazed at how different my emotions, grief is evolving from my Munz, to my Mom. CLIC
 This is her last work in progress. A quilt for someone. I wish I knew who. Funny its all done in lilacs...and so were her services. 36 blocks so far, and many more in the basket to be done. Maybe for herself? She never told me.::grunt::  I wonder if the quilt police would come and get me if I were to alternate these blocks with her favorite tee shirts into 2 quilts for Sis and me? Any thoughts Ronda? Maybe just finish her own plan, in her honor. Maybe for Dad?? Not sure. Me...ha! The one who STILL cannot dig out all of James beloved TEES to make quilts from. Okay, I need to move my behind here... literally. I have an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym today. I feel like I am auditioning for the biggest loser show. 7 weeks to spring break! Woohoo!! Walt and I went last night and damn near kilt ourselves on the equipment. It was kinda funny really...kinda funny until I did 3 whole pulls on the Hammer strength ab cruncher machine. OMFG!!! Who invented that? Evil sucker. I would dearly love to blog about this new journey we are embarking on, however I am chickenshit to do so, for failures sake. I gotta tell you though, nothing like watching a disease eat a life away to scare the bejeezers out of We shall see how brave I can become. Have a great hump day, I am gonna give it hell trying:)


Vicki W said...

How nice to have your Mom's sewing desk there in your sewing room! What a treasure. Your Mom loved you and she would be happy to know that you are doing anything with those blocks. Quilts for you and your sister sounds like a perfect idea.

Anonymous said...

Bring that sewing basket and those blocks up here, we will make Mom proud... Love you G...

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