Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Customers

I have mentioned time and time again how wonderful my chosen profession is eh? THEE best community in the world. From Family and friends, to colleagues and computer associates.. Customers and Quilt shop owners. I am truly among the Olympians of professions. The best one being my hugest fan Mufasa...I dunno how he deals with my wierdness of late. Anyway.... My customers have not only waited for me, but care about me and mine too. I am so blessed I tell ya. So very blessed. I am working hard to get back to working hard. Make sense? I think today may be the day. Getting the house back in order, all calls returned, appointments made. SHEESH what a chore. Did I tell you that my Ginny got matted over this last journey of mine? Yep yep yep... Shes going for dreadlocs now.. ( on list, call groomer, shave her down!)  Oh crap I didnt unpack the last suitcase... wheres the list?
On the Gym front:  Oh Lord I am in PAIN! There, I've said it.  There isnt a muscle in my body that isnt screaming for a hot tub. :::put on list of goals to save for:::  I must tell you that this couldnt have been better timed. The winter Olympics are on daily and an awesome inspiration! I hear all the stories and tell myself to stop whining!! Isnt it funny how we want instant gratification and it just doesnt happen in weight loss? It took me a decade to get HERE... back HERE. I figure this may be my last shot at it... Soon I wont be able to do those darn excercises. Although, you wouldnt believe the seniors in the fitness club absolutley DUSTING me on everything! Really embarrassing too. It's one thing to see a 20 something year old "Bambi" running with a glow, next to my schvitzy liesure walk, or using the HAMMER ab crunch while I try to get the belly bar over my belly on the baby ab machine... but I feel about 3 inches tall next to the lil old lady pressing 75 pounds on the pectoral fly at lightning speed next to my lil knee Squezzer. GRUNT.
Now as you can see I am trying to share here... not be chicken little... I know theres a chance of failure... I dont see that.. but hey.. I have learned never to say never! So just smile and pray for me... you can even cheer me on. ::::PLZ::: Just dont beat me up too bad when I discuss that bag of Cheetos in the cupboard. Gawd I didnt really say that did I?
Ok, I'm off.. I'm BS, I'm just off!

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