Monday, February 22, 2010

What Went On Last Week? M & M

Woke up, first cuppa in hand... said to myself, "Self? What was going on last week for Marvelous Monday post?".  I'm still thinking on it. I dont think anything went on. Unpacked, laundry, gym every night, save 1, oh! and we shaved to dog! Yep yep yep.. And we were sober! Poor Gin Gin. While I was away her long locks became so matted she was well on her way to poodle dred locs. NOT. I spent a few days scissor cutting and combing, but it was useless. The matts were too deep. Since Sunday was a slow day, Walt and I shaved her down... she looks like Miss Piggy:((  I wonder what wonder food I can give her to make her hair grow faster. Now instead of primping around after her grooming, shes hiding in a fetal position whenever I go looking for her. Poor darn dog. I better get her a warmer sweater, and a new toy... maybe 2. What else? Hmm.
Oh! I found ( in stockton of all places) The perfect Bare root Cherry trees to plant in honor of Mom. I ordered  1 for Sis and Karen too. Mom's cherry fetish carried over to Karen, and these Bings are self fertilizing. Im so excited about this! My Sis, being Gardeness extrodinaire will love it too. Ya put cherries in front of Mom and she will eat them til she makes herself ill! Speaking of................
I think I caught a nasty bug. Kept me up all night and not doing so well this morning. Somethings trying to undermine my Gym nights eh? Not happening. I have a goal, remember? Owwwwwww
I think I will go waddle around figuring out my day. Have a Marvelous Monday Dear Blog Readers..............

* My Ipod to help me get thru the pain.
*A battle Buddy in the Gym
*A leaky washer hanging in there for me:)
*blood pressure meds!
* Plans, plans, plans.
*Mama memories, and cherry trees
*My John Mayer " Heart of Life" tee shirt to remind me.

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