Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspirations ARE There, Go Get 'Em.

So, it occurred to me that if one wants to keep the inspiration torch lit, one must stay with like minded peoples. My peoples. Today I did just that. I visited 2 local quilt shops, picked up a job, called a quilter friend, a quilter friend called me, then I went treadmill-ing a mile and a half next to a lady that quilts, ( who knew?) finally ending my day with the monthly guild meeting where I was warmly welcomed home from a 2 year sabbatical. This fed my spirit for the day and Lord knows I needed it. I was so excited I almost volunteered for everything! ( oh thank God I resisted, you know how that goes). I resumed my position with giving for The Caring Angels, and I had a wonderful time, and I ate a cookie. Grunt.
I would have eaten 2, but I was good and brought it home to Walt. ( bad influence eh?)
I think I have cookie issues. I want one right now. Maybe sugar calls sugar afterall? Ok, I digress.........
On my TO DO list this morning are all things quilty. I even called a Stitch N Bitch day next week and invited fellow bitchers, stichers. Wednesday, write it down, if you show up here, bring me a cookie.
 Did you see that sweet girl on the Olympics who lost her Mother too and continued her ice skating performance in honor of her Mother? Another good inspiration, if she can do that, I sure can too!
For those of you that know our Heather, Sarah Bear, you may or may not know of her Step Sons Journey with Cystic Fibrosis. Another horrid disease. This young man, same age as my Son James has just received 2 beautiful disease free lungs and is breathing on his own. BREATHING on his own! I tell you this, because the next time I remind myself to "breath", and I feel that I just CANNOT.... I will think of Josh Mompean, and I WILL. :::thanks Josh:::
While its true that I really have had a BAD couple years....if I seek and find inspiration, I hold onto hope for the next breath, walk, day, week, month, and year.
'Scuse me now while I go eat a cookie create a quilt.
Love yer guts:)


Anonymous said...

look at you go! :)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I watched the women's ice skating competition last night and cheered Joannie on. She did an incredible skate with all the weight hanging on her shoulders. She is a true Olympian, and whether she wins a medal or not, she won a GOLD in my book!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

YOu go girl!!! My neighbor has CF and is waiting right now for new lungs!! I pray she gets them. I watch her daily struggle and she inspires me jsut as you have been inspired to move forward!! One foot in front of the other!!! Love ya!!

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