Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TOO Much For A Tuesday

It's 7:00 AM, Do you know where YOUR gym clothes are? I am too overwhelmed, too sad, too confuddled, too asleep... just TOO, to get to the gym yet:( ( stomping my feet inside my head). How do I do this?
I hunted and gathered for the last half hour. I've got the list pad, the coffee, the pen, the news on, computer up....chit. :::I would love one more "down day".
On my list is to unpack the car contents. omg... a mess itself. I brought home Mom's sewing basket and it holds her last WIP ( work in progress). Its her last quilt top, embroidered... and I'm afraid to look at it, touch it, and yep...finish it for her. But I will.
Oh shoot... Ill be back to edit with a pic when I can....

For now please enjoy with me our Mothers song for her slide show presentation.... Sajina.. it means MY BELOVED   (Hindu)
I will get my GO TO GUY to show you her slideshow when I ( he) can.

I gotta change the channel...CLIC

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