Monday, June 27, 2011

Ability, Motivation, Attitude

"Ability is what you're capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
"~Raymond Chandler

Ahhhh What do Marvelous Monday's bring for you today? I pondered this while pounding the dirt for 2 miles at the lake this morning. Why yes, thank you, I AM STILL WALKING! (alert the media) I think its giving me more energy. Must be thaty new commercial for who knows what that says " A body that is in motion, stays in motion". I wonder wth thats for anyway. At any rate, I know ts helping the clear my mind and give to me much needed energy. At my age however I am now considering a knee brace, and an ankle brace. Dang bones. I have made it 2 years more without the needed knee replacement. I aim to go longer too. I just dont know how I would handle another knee job without my Mom to haul my dumb ass around. :(
I am busy cleaning and organizing today. When under quilt pressure the house goes to hell in a hand basket for sure! ::who made that wierd saying up?::: Ginger looked so teddy bear-ish that I took the shaver to her last night! She seems happier, however I'm no groomer. My laundry was stacked so high that I had to go buy a couple new sun dresses...::::snicker:::: A tornado has been through my studio, and we will NOT discuss the floors. Suffice to say that they are as messy as my paperwork. Grunt.
Alas, quilts are entered, and all is well. I am already considering PIQF & RD2CA entries! I know, I know... finish some UFO's, tee shirt quilts, yada yada yada.. Im on it?
Like.... right now? LOL

M & M's include:

Insurance on the phone I swam with!!!
A place and partner to swim with
Beautiful quilt entries
Ginger's tolerance
A theatre close by to cool off in and be entertained!
A great walking path, its not Cambria, but its pretty awesome!
Free shipping materials from USPS

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