Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do It Now

"If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin."
– Ivan Turgenev

I'm reading the above title on Audio. I wish that I could say it was doing me well, however I'm having a rough week???!!!! Starting on Monday, every dang day crap is going wrong. I need a break. Sometimes .....before I can change the channel, I fall down. I really dispise that, but it happens. I am of the mind that the phone ringing, isnt a good thing.....grunt.
So, its Thursday. Today after a good stitch n bitch night, one thing went right... its a start yes? My machine flipped out on me the other day causing a biggo rip in my hairdressers quilt. I just about had a coronary. I mean come on...what if she caused my hair to fall out? Anyway, this morning Walt saved the day and she hums again. Now to repair the damages. Wish me luck:) My BFF suggested snowflakes as a coverup. I think that may work. Then again, so would a few words from ANYONE on the Casey Anthony trial right? Again I say... does anyone at all put any creedance into swearing in a court of law to be truthfaul????
Hey! Am I venting? I think I am! Nothing a good slice of Tirimisu wouldnt cure.
I miss my baby grands. dang it.. ( side note)
Ok, I'll quit. I should go quilt. Maybe I'll go make something in the kitchen. Blima posted some great ideas I can try eh? HmmmmRasberry bars.... ( not sure, but I may have  a sweet tooth happening)
You peoples have a good day and send me some good ju u...or something.
Love yer guts!



Marilyn said...

Rasberry Bars sound like a fix for anything
to me. Sorry to hear about the quilt but I
know you will repair and the tear will
never be seen. I have been watching
the trial also , nothing like having
to hang your secrets out to the public, eh!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, raspberry bars. Mmmmmm. Sounds wonderful. Almost as good as lemon bars! Have a better weekk next. We're celebrating up here in Canada today! You celebrate on Monday. Happy birthday to both of us!
Lurking Linda

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