Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning At Nonni's (pictures added)

Avi intercept at Harris Ranch!
 If ya cant have em all, GO GET ONE!

And then talk til late night and pass out.........(with Ginger in protect and defend mode)

Then walk her a mile or so til she thinks Nonni is NUTS, ( and her foot hurts)
Give a slight reward at the play ground.........
Then have her help with watering chores out back! (yes, Mom, I fed her too)
We are now quilting as to beat the heat... later, swim time! Be back soon!
PS:  Nonni's got a baby grand here!!!!

And even though we sing the "right sides together" song.. still it goes together backwards? Ahhhh Spawn of Nonni, the


Marilyn said...

Enjoy your time with Avi and try to stay

The Sarah Bear said...

AVIANA!!! Beautiful girl and Beautiful Nonni!

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