Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can You Stand More Grand Quilt Pictures?

With one day left to spare, Aviana completed her first ever quilt top! A birthday gift for her Daddy she says:) Its not perfect, or even straight, but it was done by her alone:) She is now an experianced frogger! (she loathes this btw)
After a long day in the shop, her reward was dinner out in Cambria and of course a trip to FROGGIES, her favorite over stimulating kid store. She shopped for what seemed to be 2 hours and came out with a new dress, pixie dust, hair bobs, and body glitter... sheesh... I kept my mouth shut and my wallet opened... ( what else could I do?)
By the time we finished dinner, Nonni's Pandora store was closed:( sniff sniff.
Today we are cleaning our huge mess and then off to a matinee. Enjoy the pics! Karebear, please do not show Daddy.

So SHOCKED that she did it!!! Priceless photo indeed.


Wrapped in Love

Her reward at Madelines. Sea Bass with slipper lobster on top. She was in heaven. Who needs pizza? lol


Vicki W said...

Oh my, she's growing up so fast! Good for her, she looks so proud of her new quilt!

Marilyn said...

She sure looks proud and should be...
what a great job. Surely a good time
was had by all.

Lindah said...

Good for Av! The quilt looks great! What fun!

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