Friday, June 24, 2011

Ever Had A Quilt Kick Your Butt?

And make ya swoon at the same time? I will be so sad to see this beauty leave. AND SO HAPPY!!! She will reside at the fair to begin her travels in shows. (cross everything K?)
Deadline met! Phew!!
I will be enjoying a few days off for some much needed beach time:) Lets call it...inspiration with Pelican Pete!
Happy Week end Dear Peoples!

 The top ten things I learned from this project.

10. I can make 1500 bubbles before partial blindness takes over, and rest is needed.
9. Sitting in the pool with Iced coffee helps the whole design process.
8. Micro drive handles are a must, but they DO break while under pressure. grunt.
7.I need an auto advance on my machine.
6. I MISS my cherrywood floor for scooting along 14 feet.
5.Quilters Dream Wool Blend & Glide Thread ROCKS.
4. Cooking, housework, blogging, Facebook,  isnt really so important when there are bubbles to make!
3. Being totally engrossed in the Casey Anthony trial evokes very strange emotions while quilting.
2.Starting a walking program insures stamina while quilting above bubbles.
1. And the number one lesson learned in 3 weeks?
Quilts like this truly are priceless.

Dear Lord, Thanks for the quilt, the talent, and the love.
Heal my eyeballs and send me a decent camera K? Love you!


Vicki W said...

It is a beauty! You deserve a medal!

Gretchen said...

Whew! Thats a lot of bubbles. No wonder you are bleary eyed. It's a beauty though, great job!

marylouweidman said...

I listened to the Casey Anthony trial today and it depressed me (again). I went to Pandora and put on my own radio station and immediately felt better and a sign of relief-it is a trainwreck that is hard not to care about because of the beauty and sweetness of her child. YOUR quilt shown is a beauty!

threadtales said...

Absolutely have had a quilt kick my butt! It was worth it, is this one!

gaylemckay said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting. Yep, I have had several kick my butt.

Watching the trial along with you. It makes it easier to stick to boring SID for me.


Nichol said...

You are amazing! And the quilt turned out fantastic! (no surprise there) :) **Bowing to the great one**

Nancy H, said...

Great Quilting Girl, you've still got it!

I thought the trial made the quilting time pass faster didnt you?

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