Monday, June 20, 2011

Starting A Walking Program

Life is like riding a bicycle, 
in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."
 ~Albert Einstein

Mornin. Have you peoples seen that commercial that says a body in motion stays in motion? Well, I've seen it so many times that I think I'm buying into it. Today. 8 AM my non showered lions mane bed head walked the lake a little over a mile. Its a good start, right? Of course right. (this is why MM's are late!) Wish me luck and more than that...some stick-to-it-tive-ness!!! I bought tons of Powerade because I am anticipating S.W.E.A.T.
Frankly, I cant do this heat with extra weight. Its gotta go!

On another note: Look at Jamie catching her first fish!!! Can you even believe that she is three already???? Nor can I. Sweet baby jamie, I miss her!

I have my nose stuck in my new york beauty...with the air conditioning blasting! I'll see ya when I see ya!

M & M's include:
A good walking path
A good walking partner or two
Beautiful tension without a camera!
Talking to Jamie on her birthday!
A new groomer ( holistic) for Ginny!
Did I mention air conditioning?
Iced coffee!!!


Marilyn said...

Good Luck with the shedding a few
pounds. Great pic of the fisherman,
she is a beauty. Wish that I had
a beach to walk on , just concrete
where I am.

Vicki W said...

Happy walking! I know that when I started exercising (I ride a recumbent stationery bike), it was about 3 months before I got to the point where I really needed to exercise. It's helped my allergies tremendously and helped me cut back on some meds. Last week I learned from my eye doctor that the one thing I can do to help avoid getting glaucoma (every female in my Mom's family has it) is to exercise regularly. More incentive!

Maybe you can take Rudy with you and he can talk to you while you walk!

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