Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Air That I Breath

Is thinner... harder to do. I must take big heaping gulps of this support system of mine, just to continue to walk upright. I would never have thought I would need to lean on ANYONE as I have been doing. A part of me feels like a darn child myself. I dont think Ive ever been a very good patient. I can remember Knee replacement, and the back break... I was not a very happy person... ::::read whiner:::: Now, It would seem, whining isnt adequate. More like a walking non functioning alien. Grunt.
I wonder what those people do who are less fortunate than I? With no strong family, no first line of defense friends....other good people who will cry, pray, and go the mattresses with and for them? I must do something for them. For me. ::Pondering just that::

I am a lucky woman, but I am forever changed. I one day hope to say again what I said when I was recovering from the accident.

"I'm not that way anymore, time closes yesterdays door. I'm just as happy, as I was before, but I'm not that way anymore."

Continued thanks dear friends and family for this air... and I'd like to share a few recieved gifts of the month.

H, the Maui necklace is a wonderful memory with friends:) (walt has intentions of keeping it) Deb, the starter kit is an inspiration! Carla, the basket is a joy and comfort to behold. I am using daily for my thank you cards right now:) Ladies, the quilted postcards are just heartwarming as they arrive. Gayle and Dy, I'm still journeling on Nickels:)

And the oxygen tank to beat all?.................Nonni napping with Shawn...lol

::had to stick one gr baby shot in didnt I?:::scuse the bad hair day, which is all of em!


Desert Threads said...

You have some awesome friends my friend!

Anonymous said...

You deserve all this attention - You're Special!

Karen A.

Mary said...

That's some nice loot you've got there....

Being surrounded by loving, supportive family and friends is definitely a blessing to be grateful for.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that little Shawn is certainly a breath of fresh oxygen!! Keep on breathing that in...nothing better than a babys scent, touch, hug, and well..just about everything!!! What a sweet picture!! Hang in there friend!

Deb said...

We're here for ya darlin'...can't get rid of us!

And Shawn..keep suckin in that baby O2...best thing in the world for what ails ya.

Anonymous said...

man...I hooked u up too!

Lynn Douglass said...

love that picture of you and Shawn, Gina! Love those baby snuggles!

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