Friday, April 11, 2008

Natures Oils..ahhhhhh

I was blog surfing and found a cool post from Judy about Olive Oil. I said to myself, I said ..."self? You could do a whole chapter on this luscious juice!" So here ya go...Olive Oil, natures perfect age fighter. My Mom always said that age shows up on your skin first, so protect it with all you got, and start here :::handing me a bottle of golden slippery stuff.:::

I believe it was 7Th grade. Just after I shaved my legs for the first time, after being told not to a hundred times. It would seem that we are not very hairy, and shaving calls more hair. I didn't believe the woman, but its very true. OK, I digress.... I whined Maaaa This is for my earsssss. ( chronic ear infections) She assured me that I would be grateful one day. Mom, thanks:) All my girls, listen up.

Now truly, much beauty and good health can be accomplished in the kitchen, right? of course right. Theres wine, avocados, lemons, fresh greens, wine, spices,herbs, water, natural oils and wine. I'm sure that I've forgotten some things, all very medicinal. You may know to stay far far away from the damaging suns rays, but I'm here to say that try as you may, age will find you and bite your skin with or without sunscreen and umbrellas. It screams daily for re moisture. Water, and oils. Are you aware that your skin drinks the water you put on it? It doesn't just all roll off.. So check your water. Also note that the hotter the water, the more it steals moisture. I have to admit that I am not as careful as I should be with a facial skin care regimen, however I do use a great moisturizer. ( Clarins) And no, I do not use Olive oil on my face.. too rich. with the exception of after eyebrow waxing. ( in younger days, plucking.. yuk)
Olive Oil is your friend. Dont let it hide in your cupboard like a politically correct criminal. I have a few bottles in the kitchen of course,one in each bathroom, a vile with a dropper in medicine chest, (warm it for earaches) one on the nightstand, and one on Walts night stand. :::wink::: Not only a few drops in your bathwater, but G-licious slathered on after bath and especially after a shower will have your body baby skin soft and NOT oily. Night time little dab'll do ya on those rough spots.. and when you need a great massage, do not go spend a fortune on fake stinky stuff! Drizzle the Olive oil and enjoy a relaxing massage. (you can GIVE one, for a fee) The skin drinks it up and leaves behind silky smooth softness:) Bonus: Your Hands get even more moisture! Now, I'm not sure about this, but Mom and I have great fingernails, and I think the oil does it. No proof on that one, but you've seen my nails eh... weeds I tell ya, thick strong ones!
I recently received a tip from a waitress who had the most magnificent eyelashes I'd ever seen. OK, I tipped her too, sheesh) Now you know I had to ask right? Just like I'd ask the chef about a recipe... go straight to the source. The woman wasn't a bit shy when she responded with a smile and happily asked me if I used the little pink old fashioned maybeline mascara. I said yes, its a staple, but that didnt do YOUR eyes now did it? She chuckled and said "well, I do lace my eyelids with Almond oil everyday, it helps them to be strong." I complimented her again and inside was having an epiphany about my oil theory! Guess who is now using almond oil on her eyelids? I haven't worn make up in quite some time due to tear battle, but I am noticing that my lashes are indeed longer. Now, I have to tell you that I have a condition on my lashes called Bletheritus. My eye dr announced this last year. I have been repeating it aloud ever since, just cause it sounds funny. I cant seem to get it to GO AWAY either! However I have noticed that since my Q Tip Almond oil regimen, the Bletheritus isn't so itchy. Now if only I could control the tears so well eh?
I wish that I had time to research more natural oils. I think I'm onto something:) I made me laugh... I liked it too. Now that I've bent your eyes on this subject, I'll go to work, you can ponder it, and stock the house. Get the good stuff. Extra virgin, first cold press. After the salad, its all about YOU!

**googled this**
"Extra virgin" means that the first pressing of freshly harvested olives are used, providing a golden-yellow color and the best flavor. The olives are pitted, ground to a pulp, and cold-pressed. Olive oil contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to have a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol levels . Olive oil has been used since ancient times to heal wounds because of its emollient properties. Olive oil contains mainly oleic and linoleic acids, as well as vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant which prevents the formation of free radicals which damage cell membranes and can contribute to skin aging as well as to certain skin diseases. Olive oil is often used externally to moisturize and treat dry skin.


Desert Threads said...

OK so now I gotta run down to the store!! Great advice G.

Feather on a Wire said...

It's probably too late for my skin, but I'm going to decant some olive and distribute them round the house.

Anonymous said...

I have been using olive oil for a few years now and I do think it helps my nails. I am going to try almond oil, a girl can never have lashes long enough.

Donna (mommadonna)

Carla said...

Gina, I'm here LMAO about your comment re: EVOO in your bedroom!!! LOL!!! Who da thunk it??

Deb said...

been using the evoo for years, but this is the first I've heard about the almond oil...guess that goes on my market list this week!

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