Monday, April 21, 2008

Week End Happenings

I'm home, I think.. Am I home? Wow.. what a ride!  I accomplished much this weekend, most importantly loving up family and friends:) We had a photo session with Moomp Photography and I got a sneek peek at a FEW pics... the waiting is difficult for me.. but heres one....and BTW, I just gotta say that we have the best photographer in our family that a family has EVER had!
We are all excited to see the shots of the day and so very grateful too. We had alot of fun playing with all the kids ( well, cept those darn squirt guns)Loved playing Wii though!

My Mom & Dad were checked in on and dad has an ugly Ulcer on his ankle, I'll spare you THAT pic...grunt. Whats next eh?
We, of course went to the cemetary and frankly I dont know if its good or bad for me personally. I was trying to explain this to the kids and Karen gave the best analogy. "its kinda like going to church. You can talk to God wherever, but it feels good when u go to church and talk too.". I'll buy that for a dollar. I often times refer to Sarah telling me in Hawaii, that I have an OWIE. ( shes nearly 3) An owie to beat all, and just wont heal, but these babies are good medicine. I miss my boy, I want MY baby, and thats all I have to say about that.
Shawn is blazing a path now walking everywhere! He loves to hang out in th kitchen.. I think he will love to cook like his Daddy:) The pregnancy is going well for Steak N Jeff...we got some belly shots:::snicker::: Our last grandchild should come in late June. Wow huh? Just wow.
Our Aviana LOVED the playhouse, but no pictures of that one yet as Daddy has to assemble first. ( I cant wait either!) She is officially 3 now, and tells everyone about her presents. Justin is sporting some new Harry Potter glasses, I think its adorable:)A busy week I have ahead of me here. My lists just keep increasing as I dont accomplish them! (I'm seriously trying) I'm off to make more coffee, and wish myself good luck!
Have a marvelous Monday, and altho not listed, Im still thankful for much.


Desert Threads said...

The pics are worth a thousand words! Glad you had get to work!!

The Sarah Bear said...

Were you here? I didn't see you!! Can you come back? It was like two ships passing in the night - ok, bad analogy - I miss you. That's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are wonderful and I can certainly understand why the one with you, Walt and Julie is your fav.

Karen A.

Deb said...

Love the pic with you, Walt and the babe...priceless!

Carla said...

Love the pictures!!

Jan Thompson said...

I love them all - what a crew! Ariana looks adorable in her birthday dress! And the pic of you, Walt and baby is fabulous!

Lynn Douglass said...

You have such beautiful grandbabies, Gina! I love the B&W of you and Walt with the baby. Gorgeous!

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