Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trash Talk

Its true... onec a week, Walt and I discuss :::read debate::: WHO will go fetch the trash cans. Today is no different, and I am kinda smiley, cause hey.. its normal!!! YIPPEE!!! Now, this may seem trivial to you, but to me, its a milestone! I'll go get em!!! Lord knows I can use the walk, but I wanted to have the CHAT with him anyway, cause its NORMAL!!! Lets duke it out! Lets offer up a few compromises! Latey, I guess he has been taking care of that too, cause frankly, I hadnt noticed they exsisted these days.
In our area, theres not alot of room for builders to build. Being the capitalists society that we are.. developers have managed to figure out a way to get more bang for thier buck and build 8 homes on what really should be 4 at best. What this means is that on my street..... theres a sideways street. (dont worry, picture to follow). (also a really small back yard!!)They call them PUD, meaning a shared driveway, but everyones still on the same street. Now, we found this one and hesitated being as it was the furthest back, but it does have its advantages too. The trash cans and mailboxes arent one of them. Its taken 2 years to decide who rolls those Californian recyle cans all the way down there to the curb, but no decisions yet on the empty ones coming home. GRUNT. The trouble is, I have no good excuses? They are no longer heavy, I need the walk, so does Ginger, and well, I just dont have any darn excuses. At best, I can bribe,(which usually works) or I can whine, which gets huffs n puffs and flat tire noises (u moms know the sound). Invariably I hear the " I hate to take out the trash" story too. Now I'm sorry, but you will never hear me bore you with "Geez I hate to do the laundry" stories.Oh crap... yes you would. Nevermind.I just remembered the 17 bath towels story I just told Lil Kymn.
We all have our schtick eh?U cant see our home as its behind the photographer:) I also had to put up this sign so my quilty friends and customers could find me!!

Today, I wanted to go get the cans. And it thrilled me to see a faint light somewhere down there. I practically leaped out the door and skipped down the street! I wasnt quite so perky juggling these monsters back up here, but I did it. I felt like giving MYSELF a brownie button. ( who the heck made up that brownie button analogy anyway?) OMG I PONDERED! See... 2 count em 2 lil normal things::sigh::
As you can see, I didnt archive pics today.. now THAT was just more than I could handle for one day, and frankly, I ran out of spoons AND channels to change. I decided that it wasnt good for my DQL right now. As I gain stamina, I will return to it. As for now, my family is in too much a mess for me to sink too far on any given day.
Your continued prayers are appreciated for these kids who suffer more than my heart can bare.
Thanks to all, now I'll go work on my quilt..I'm doing a Sashiko pattern thats kinda making me mental with placement, but hey... its just a pattern right? HA! small fry in the scheme of things I say.
Hey.... It just dawned on me... 2 years... this week was move in week 2 years ago... wow...even THAT doesnt seem real. I distinctly remember sending this picture to Ms H cause she was in deep denial that we had moved. Its ok H, no one else believed it either.


Freda said...

Way to go Gina. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. As you say, love your guts.

Jan Thompson said...

Hey, Gina - is the beach at the end of your street? Do you walk there? I don't quite understand the street thing - a sideways street? It does look like a great street, though! Little steps and ponderings are good!

DearGina said...

Hey Jan, sideways drive= if u live on a street, and turn into a driveway, this is what u see. a very LONG driveway, with homes on either side. Still the same street, only making a big "U" detour off of it.
The beach is about a mile to the right of the end of my driveway. I drive there, and drive onto the beach. I guess I could walk it.. but then i wouldnt have the jeep to drive on it...:)

Anonymous said...

Hey G- What's DQL? Your sideways street is certainly different! So, when it's trash day, do you end up with huge pile up of garbage cans at the end of the street? What's a brownie button? Love the Quilter's Parking Only sign.

Karen A.

DearGina said...

Yes Karen, a colorful row of cans on wednesday mornings:)
DQL=daily quality of life, in an earlier post.
Brownie Button... I must be WAY older thn u?.. its an old term meaning if ya done something good, u get a brownie button. (before you're a girl scout, you're a brownie) they all get merit buttons. Did I splain it right?

Anonymous said...

I have heard of Brownie points but not a button. It's nice to see the Gina we are use to read hear today. You are always in my thoughts and prayer.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to see glimmers of the old Gina returning in your posts. Of course, you will be forever changed but there are parts of all of us that remain solid even in the face of great tragedies.

You are a rock! (That's a good thing.)

Best wishes to you and make it a good day!


Anonymous said...

I was a brownie and don't remember that at all...I remember badges and such...oh well it was sometime ago. I'm 44.

I must have missed the DQL - I thought I read religiously...oh well...I'm not perfect..thank goodness!!!!

Have a good one.



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