Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time Management

Oh how I know that this subject has been beat to death! BUT..... It's still a huge huge issue with me. Now, understandably, I am not "with" myself and I am aware of that, but I need some skills to practice. To focus. Maybe its discipline needed. ( maybe my eye). Being self employed is rough enough, but being at home, ALONE, intensifies it right? Oh! not to forget being at home, alone, self employed, and in your JAMMIES... Don't misunderstand, I know all of the rules, implementing them is the chore. ( chore is much to light of a word for what Im speaking of too)Could be that my managerial skills have become far too unused and therefore forgotten?How about depression trying to win? Ever read Battle of the Mind by Joyce Meyers? Hmmmmm
I'm pondering this subject this morning in hopes that someone will comment a light bulb moment for me. A refresher course through blog readers. Feedback, input, Team brainstorming..... come on.... Whats your number one self starter? Is it money?
Last evening, I had to brew a cuppa jo around Idol time just to work a few hours longer, and I still fooled around wondering the house! (this wondering business is weird I tell ya). I try very hard to self talk myself into not beating me up so much these days, but wow, I sure can do a number on myself. Rudy's been no help.. he learned a new sentence, and I dont know where from! A few days ago, I'm walking by his tree, and he looked at me, talon extended, and said HOW STUPID! Like he meant it!!!! Where did he hear this from? I stomped off thinking about the cartoon network, and how i wouldnt allow it on anymore.. must have come from Sponge Bob Square pants... Grunt. He is thrilled with his new phrase, and repeats it often now. I walk by and tell him potty mouth, and he just laughs at me.
I cant remember now what blogsite I popped in on, but it was discussing computer time. Walt also says I spend too much time here. Now, admittedly, I spend my first 2 cuppas here, chatting with a box. I can also see a very large monitor from across the studio so I can be reached when emailed or IM'd. BUT:::: If I didnt, I would feel a miss... and frankly, again I say, I work alone, and this has become the hobby that took the place of the quilting hobby. Chatting with a 3 yr old toddler trapped in a bird body, just doesnt cut the mustard. side ponder::: WTF does cut the mustard even mean anyway?:::
Heres yet another sorry excuse... I am still not a morning person, the later the hour, the more creative I become. Some of my best ideas come late in the night, bird put to bed & covered, music on low, hubby snoring above me, and coffee in hand. But then I am dragging to do the 5 am thing? (why sammiches become meatless).
With this emotional roller coaster that I cant get off of, has come many ideas /thoughts for big change. Now yes, I have read countless sites about grieving and the normal urge to do big things... and NOT TO DO THEM. But, I'm telling you, they are still there. I dont wish to bungee jump, not things like that.. but other things... moving is one, and its a common one I read. Now you know I love it here right? Of course right. I dont think that I have to even tell you about the battle going on needing to be near my loved ones. Then theres that horrid commute of Walt's daily. So, the urge is ever present. The house in the valley is still on the market, so we shall see where life goes next. I really fear that question on a daily basis. Well, shoot, haven't I gotten off track? My coffee is cold. I'll be right back, while you think up some earth shattering,mind blowing, epiphanies for me.


Rian said...

Hey Gina! I think we go in cycles~~sometimes I can accomplish an amazing amount, and the rest of the time I'm a slug! But the one thing that gets me up and moving best of all is DEADLINE!

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Desert Threads said...

Sorry my friend, no mind blowing epiphanies here......just a big hug and an Im kick in the butt once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Gina, it was probably my blog where you read that I was having a tough time walking away from the computer and acutally getting something creative done.

I did decide to turn off my blog, at least for now. Hopefully I will also make the decision to turn off and walk away from the computer more often, too.

You're often in my thoughts. Take care of you! TeresaL

Anonymous said...

My Theory of Time

When you are 3 years old, waiting for your birthday next year� This translates to 33% �wait time� of your entire life.

When you are 15 years old, waiting until you are 16 to obtain a driver licenses� This also equals 7% �wait time� of your entire life.

When you are 20 waiting for your 21st birthday� This equals 4% �wait time� of your entire life.

When you are 49 waiting for your 50th birthday� This equals 2% �wait time� of your entire life.

When you are 64 waiting for your 65th birthday� This equals 1% �wait time� of your entire life�

A year at any age is 365 days, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour. Nothing changes! Our comparative relationship to age, determines our perception of time.

Our ability to manage time often fails due to our misunderstanding of the scarce nature of time. Successful time management begins with appreciating every moment as a unique gift.

Ask any 90 year old man, he will tell you the pleasure from the warmth of a spring sunrise, sound of the wind jostling leaves on an autumn afternoon, a sip of ice tea on a hot summer afternoon, and joyful memories of Christmas morning as a child.

All sensations taking place in just a moment, priceless, lasting a life time as time consumes you.

Deb said...

No wise words my friend. I struggle with time as well in my own way. But this I know....enjoy the sunrise, the smaell of the flowers, Rudy's "potty" mouth and Walts hugs. Work when you can and must. There are many good friends in the "box' are one of mine.

One moment, one hour, one day at a time.

Luv ya!

Mary said...

I'm sure everyone has different things that motivate them - for me it's getting things if I finish just one thing and mark it off the list I'm motivated to finish another, and another.

I spend more time than I think I should on the computer but I try to manage it.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Dear Gina -
As Rian said, productivity seems to cycle, and there's not much I seem to be able to do about it until it's time to be inspired again. Well - I can pray, listen to inspiring music, that sort of stuff. And deadlines pretty much inspire me to get a move on.
Money? Nah. We need some, of course, but what really sends me is to be able to please someone, make a person feel special, bring happiness to someone's day. Which we get to do almost daily.
And yeah, the computer drains WAY MORE out of my day than I care to admit. Drives Tom nuts. But he loves me anyway.
Bless You.
Heather's Sister Laura in Colorado

Lynn Douglass said...

I'm having the same problem. I just can't seem to get myself motivated. Like you, I'm more of a night person. I don't really start waking up and getting going until around noon. I can work all night, no problem! It's the getting up in the morning that causes issues with me. Ahem. Rudy cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,

I, too, have those days (oh who am I kidding - weeks) when it seems like I get nothing done. Then all of a sudden I get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Then motivation seems to kick in. Its just life going about its business and I'm inpatient with its timing. I want what I want when I want it. Waawaawaa. It seems when I get out of my own way, it seems to go away.

My counselor tells me - it's you, Karen, get out of your own way!

No epiphanies from me...I've been sitting in front of this 'box' for hours now...think I'm in the procrastion mode again????? Yup. Time to get motivated.

Have a good one! :-)


Karen A.

Gayle said...

Personally, I call this "problem solving time" in my own life. I can seemingly spin my wheels, not accomplishing anything visible to anyone else....but really I am problem solving a design in my head, how I am going to piece something, where I am going to buy that perfect piece of fabric that I need, figuring out what I am going to start next, and solving the problems of the world and of the house,..... all while doing the dishes, laundry, blogging, reading blogs, checking mqr again, fixing dinner, loading a quilt for steve, and paying bills. whew. i bet you really are doing all those things too. but it doesnt look pretty and it doesnt seem like it is what it should be. but all that planning, deciding and problem solving is energy sucking too. and it is life sustaining for a household.

i think you are WAY more normal than you are giving yourself credit for. one foot in front of the other, one moment at a time. thats all any of us can do.


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