Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess Who Finally Watched...................

How To Make An American Quilt? I see you shaking you're head. WTF was I doing in 1995 anyways??? Why am I always behind in movie views??This one takes the cake though..I mean really G..... No wait.. I think it took me longer to see The Joy Luck Club! LOLOL

There's much more to a quilt than fabric and thread .But we quilters already knew this eh? Each  design has its own unique story (or stories) to tell. All the sorrows, joys, longings, sufferings, and loves of these women are sewn into their quilt and, as their bittersweet memories are given life, one young woman applies these lessons of the past to her own uncertain future.
"Where Love Resides":::SIGH:::( Best line)
 How to Make an American Quilt presents a distinctly feminine perspective. The "chick flick" to beat all chick flicks. The "quilting bee" consists of seven stitchers. Sisters Gladys (Ann Bancroft) and Hy (Ellen Burstyn); Sophia (Lois Smith), a woman known for scaring kids; Emma (Jean Simmons), the timid wife of a perpetually unfaithful ( read: P.I. G.) man; Constance (Kate Nelligan), who has been having an affair with Emma's husband; Anna (Maya Angelou), the leader of the group;( Or at least the one who points) and Marianna (Alfre Woodard), Anna's daughter. The project they're busy with is the wedding quilt for Hy's granddaughter, Finn (Winona Ryder), who is about to enter into wedded bliss. Or not. She's spending the summer with Hy and Gladys, and away from her fiance, to decide whether a lifelong commitment is really what she wants, and whether it's better to marry a friend or a lover. ( I loved that question)
One of the greatest pleasures I had comes from watching flawless performances by a most impressive cast. The costumes and period settings were so exciting!. From Winona Ryder, Ann Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn, and Maya Angelou to minor players like Claire Danes, and Kate Capshaw,and this hunky guy I dont know the name of... this film is oozing talent. In fact...... There are probably too many characters. So, instead of really getting to know a few of them, we are presented with quick glimpses into a defining event in each of their lives. We learn about the resentment between Gladys and Hy, and are told the reasons why Emma stays with her husband and Sophia is so "pissy" all of the time. There are other episodes as well: the love of Anna's life, Marianna's never meant to be soul mate, and a look at the reasons why Constance had an affair with her friend's husband. ( remember the p.i.g.) The reason for these tales is meant to provide the answer for Finn's cold feet questions: whether to go forward with her marriage or fool around with a six pack smoldering hot Latin hunk.
I personally was left wanting much more of each woman's story.Sequel?
It made me smile inside validating every one of my sentiments on what a quilt is really all about. The story each one tells.Where love really does reside.
Totally inspiring to go in there and fling fabric everywhere trying to design the perfect story Quilt.
PS: I am almost certain that I was born in the wrong generation.

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