Monday, August 22, 2011

Marvelous Monday, On Time!

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."– Andy Warhol

Good mornin`. Yep yep yep, its Monday. One more cup and I'll be on my feet. Which is a good thing since I have much to do! I think I have been Mach three since I got home. This morning Im making THE LIST with a strong cuppa and The Eagles on the stereo. Ahhhhh I sure wish I could see them in concert. Hey! Maybe I'll ask Mufasa for another LV Birthday! They are in my top ten BESTIES.How about you? I suppose while everyone was grooving to Elvis or the Beatles, my choice was Eagles or Elton!
<---hard to be me member?
Okay, so back to Marvelous Mondays.....You know when I get behind in the blog my brain goes a bazillion miles an hour and I cant figure out what to say! I'll say this.... while driving to Idaho was cathardic in that I pondered a great deal,sawbunches of family, and stopped at the resting spots for my Mama and son, I shall fly next time. DAMN! I didnt even see a jack rabbit out there! A whole lot of nothing on I-95 I tell you. Nothing! I am actually missing the kids already, so I need a new game plan for spring. Maybe I should just buy myself a mini motorhome and take off when the bug bites?
Today I'm only road tripping over the hill to my home town of Arroyo Grande.:::sigh::: I wonder what trouble I'll get into?

I have 3 quilt projects going on!! A new restoration, a simple panto, and yes... Jake scolded me for taking so long on the Tee Shirt quilts. I'm on it!!

Marvelous Mondays include:

Safe travels for Me. G!
Squirt gun wars with the baby grands!
cuddles on couches with above mentioned
much needed coffee chats
Home sweet home
a restoration project to re make!

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Rian said...

If you are serious about that motorhome, I have a slightly used one that you could think about...

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