Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Red Quilt is On Her Way! MM

"Failure seldom stops you.  What stops you is the fear of failure."
– Jack Lemmon

Not only first place, but Judges specialty award too! I am so very tickled!!!

A serious boost to the confidance department:) It was so worth all the mind boggling pebbles!

Marvelous Mondays include:
Pretty ribbons saying I am good enough!


Marilyn said...

Your better than good enough, you are
numero uno. Congrats on a wonderful

Vicki W said...


Rian said...

You are awesome! And don't you forget it!

TerriW said...

Congratulations, Gina!

Anonymous said...

Where you gone? Everything okay? The quilt is absolutely stunning. Wish you were closer and you could quilt mine!
Lurking Linda (cause blogger comments don't seem to want to publish with gmail addresses!)

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