Friday, August 26, 2011

Pandora Charms (5)

Speaking of being "hooked" on things.........................

My newest obsession in accessories, my Pandora is growing!My Sissy brought me the platinum sun from the Bahamas, ( my sissy went to the Bahamas and all I got was this charm?) And Jake and Stephanie gave me the Murano glass Cheetah in Idaho! I need Jakes birthstone... I think Walts... and whatever else that makes my head twirl! Im hoping that when its filled its worth the price of a new car or something... lol
Linda and I met a lady in a jewelery store whose Pandora was upwards of 20K!!
I started my Sis on a bracelet, she loved it, opened the box and squealed "U went to Jareds???" LOL
I think its going to be a Christmas gift for many from yours truly!

Anyway, my wrist makes these European charms look great!

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Linda S said...

Pretty! Jewelry can be quite an investment. I admit that back in the old days, I was quite the QVC shopper. Most of what I bought was jewelry, and most of it was either 14 or 18k. Who knew I was investing for my retirement? I rarely wear any of it anymore, so I took it off to the gold and coin shop in town that is buying up gold. I made out like a bandit!! Some if was very inexpensive when I bought it, but I now have a tidy retirement savings account and, since I'm retired and rarely leave the house, I prefer to have the money in the bank than the jewelry on my wrist!

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