Thursday, August 18, 2011

Say No To Shark Week!

There are things six year olds should NEVER be allowed to watch on the history channel! Shark week being one of them.While Aviana was visiting we learned all about several species of sharks. She spoke quite knowledgeable about them, citing lemonheads, great whites, tigers, bulls, etc....Lil Miss larger than life didnt seem to be frightened in the least about the creatures. Just a bit obsessed eh?
So one day while Emily too was here, we ventured over to Avila Beach for a day trip. It was then that I put my foot down about her shark education.

 Both girls played happily the day away and loved especially wave jumping with Pappa.Sharks were never mentioned or given a thought to.Until..............

 While hopping around on the waters edge and Nonni only steps away, Aviana lets out the most blood curdling scream I have EVER heard come out of her lil body!She is running in circles flaling her arms, and my eyes NOR legs couldnt even keep up with her! I gave chase to a child in circles while I noticed Mothers pulling thier children out of the water in just as fast as a foot race as I was in. This was all happening so fast that no one understood what was going on, we were all just frantic. Except Pappa whom out of the corner of my eye was shaking his head. Emily, who had been building a sand puddle was oblivious to it all because she was focussed intently on where the poured water was vanishing to in the sand. ( Nonni told them it was on its way to China).
I caught my lil drama princess and finally made out her screams...CRAB! CRAB! CRAB! She was white as a ghost, tears POPPING from her eyes, and pointing to the surf.
Side note: Thank God I took my blood pressure pills this morning!
I planted Aviana next to Pappa and ran back to see the dick dastardly creature that scared my Lovie....
Here's a picture of the big meanie... Its a pair of burnt orange short pants, washed up and wrinkled in the sand.
As I looked around in disbelief I noticed felt burning eyes fixed on me. Every Mother on the beach wanted to smack me? I think little kids hated because poop runs down hill, I wanted at that moment to smack my dear daughter for allowing Shark Week to be viewed. Ya know what? Nonni thinks swimming pools with squirt guns are much more fun! As for my lil Lovie... she forgot all about the big bad crab, and went BACK in the water!!

We ended our day with Avila Barn, a petting zoo that we could feed and touch nice lil goats and ponies. We enjoyed hot dogs and some ice cream... A much safer stroll for a worn out Nonni!


Anonymous said...

ROFL, God Bless that child.
G...I want her pink poodle :)

LU. B.

Anonymous said...

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Lindah said...

Oh, my! What an *exciting* beach trip!

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