Monday, September 12, 2011

Back To It

You havent seen the last of me is my current year long theme song!
Ok, how about... I get knocked down, but I get up again, and you're never gonna keep me down?
So its Monday, new day, new week, she lives.
How are you? Did you get ENOUGH 9-11 remeberance-ing? I did. Sheesh. Like I really needed another emotional roller coaster! I swore I wouldnt bawl the brown out of my eyes, but who wouldnt? I did. It was the children singing NY to the firemen all over the city. Clic
I'm working on a sweet restoration quilt of Beatrix Potter. That will be after I spend a few hours giving Greta Gammil a badly needed spa treatment. I really dirtied her up last week and the lint is atrocious! When I use the Perma core threads its a good bet I'll be cleaning a lot more than if I had used GLIDE eh? You betcha.
I'm doing quite well on the new food intake from NO WHITE AT NIGHT book. I havent cheated at all, but the scale refuses to budge as of yet. I look down there in total shock every other day. WTH???
The excercise hasnt come yet. I am talking myself into it. I cant believe, nor can family members, that I used to be such a power walker and these days my ass will not get out the front door. HmmmmI sure could use a cookie I tell ya...  clic
OK, so... Im off to the list and I'll make it a Marvelous Monday. You too:)

MM include:
*Great tension on my machine!
*WWF, good temp distraction
*Kids calls, keeps me connected:)
*Thousands of Bolts, and only one nut! ( love the finds!)
*Fresh tomatoes in our garden
*Walts encouragement:)
*the ability to now bounce back quickly from a meltdown:)

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