Tuesday, September 20, 2011

See! On a Tell All Tuesday

Quality is not cheap.
Cheap is not quality.

So.......what (good stuff) happened yesterday that  I just felt?? Two quilts were accepted to compete at PIQF in October! Woohoo! Bubbling Beauty and Oriental Bliss!
Told ya!

Other Tell all Tuesday news.............Not a drop in the bucket but I'm down a few pounds and I'm walking my lil legs off!
Just in case ya wanted to know?  I dont know if its sheer fear or the FitBit, but I'll take it! And BTW, freaking H.A.R.D.
Did you know that if you drink iced water instead of tipid, we actually burn more calories? Yep, yep , yep.. the body, once ingested, has to heat up the water, therefore keeping metabolism reved up... I didnt know this? Learn something every darn day. Now if I can just un bore myself with foods. I am craving pasta.. or a baked potato...oh! no! CLIC
What are you peoples making for Christmas gifts? I'm stumped. I am a bit obsessed with pillow cases right now, but Walt and I would like to delve into the dye world... I think Vicki should drop us some tips for beginners. (hint hint)
I know! Fit Bits All around!  LOL I do get a bit tunnelled sometimes eh? Hey, enough chit chat... I'm burnin daylight on a wool quilt and a custom breathing down my neck... gotta go! ( oh I wish I hada Go! )

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