Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No White At Night

I figured out why I'm fat. The shampoo I use says, "for extra body."
I should use Dawn dish washing liquid. It says,
"Dissolves fat that is difficult to remove."

This is my arsenal to do warrior battle with this new found problem O mine. All of them are quite the YAWN, save one. No White At Night. (center) It's easy, its sensible, and its working.
The most difficult for me is getting in the 30 minute walk, and omitting the starch at dinner. I believe that if I were to follow the American Diabetic Assc diet, I would be failing. I weigh, nor measure nothing. I count nothing. I read labels, and I am mindful of what goes into my mouth.( sugar!)  That's it. I pray everyday that I keep going. I pray that it lasts. ( I'm not so good of a "closer" )
A good woman knows her limitations eh?
The good doc has 3 easy rules.
Eat 3 meals a day ( no skipping) *for me I must add in a few healthy snacks
Eat the right amount of protein at each meal.(3-4 oz)
No white at night.

Ma was right about the "white" evils...(sugar, flour, starches)
I can still have a bread or a pasta or a potato.. I just have to have them for breakfast or lunch.
The most remembered words of the doctors for me is this.
Eat like a King for breakfast,
 a Prince for lunch,
 and a Pauper for dinner.
My previous menus were just the opposite. My bad.
I learn everyday eh? I hope that I always will.
Gives a whole new meaning to Eat, Pray, Love I tell ya!
Keep me in your prayers, and thanks for the continuous encouraging emails! I need ya!
Love yer guts!

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."– Tuli Kupferberg


Nichol said...

Good to know! I need to do this too. Hey....it's been a while...miss talking to you on the phone about the longarm. I'm going through Gina withdrawls over here!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Gina. My blood sugar woes are at the other end of the spectrum, so it's no white at all for me. I can eat them if I take my carb-blocking pills (acarbose), but blocking carbs causes gas, and I generally decide it's just not worth it. The older you get, the more grateful you will be that you started working on this problem as soon as you were aware. Hope to see you at MQX.

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