Monday, September 26, 2011

MM Catch and Release Fun

Mornin`. What does this MM bring?
<---hopeful, as always.
What did you peoples do over the week end? You already know what I did! Burnt myself out on pillow cases! lol No way! Im still on them! I have a stack going now for the Womens Shelter in my area. I havent done stuff for them in about a year. Its time. I hope my Elna holds out. Its about dead! I dont know, it screams bloody murder at me and I've done everythig to fix it... escapes me. Today I have a panto and then my BIGGO Love letters from the cival War Quilt. I need a design wall for stand and stares. Altho I did find some cute stencils in my stock. 121 blocks, its going to be the sampler to end all
I'm sippin and shopping... I need a Nano shuffler for walking my butt all around town. Its so cool, small, and downright techy!

Linda came in with one the other day. I darn near squealed! I 'll put it on my L.I.S.T.

 For now, I best get busy... my Fitbit is telling me that I'm sitting too long! Have a marvelous Monday!
PS: I was invited to guest blog at Mom About Town! Go over and read it! And then send me a "Ya done good Buttercup"...LOL
MM Include:

 Pillow case fun
A good stash for gift giving
Gifts coming by Fed Ex to thrill me!
Guest Bloggin`!
Reccomendations from local LQS
Battle buddy to walk with
Fresh tomatoes on the vine everyday!

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Anonymous said...

Ya Done GOOD Buttercup!!! :)

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