Thursday, September 22, 2011

X Factor Premier

Did you watch it? I couldn't wait to see Simon and Paula again:) That Pop star chicky Cheryl, sure is pretty eh?
What was that Siamese character about? And they said yes? :::Shiver:::: I went to bed scratching things.. however, entertaining it was. I cant figure out how in the world they filter those thousands of people who turned out to audition! Wow, what a job!
SIDENOTE: I'm sitiing here reflecting on the show..sipping my first cuppa... HURTING from the punishing walks I'm taking daily. Everyday I SO dont want to go... but I go... I hope I go everyday. But not today. Cause I hurt. But I'm going. Grunt.
Okay I'm back.
I hurt last night too... during the show... oh jeez...did you just feel like a pooch wanting to break out into a HOWL a few times??? Mercy.
I think the commercials beat the show! I am partial to great commercials though.
I'll give it some time, but I dont think LA Reid compared to the DAWG. I see they are trying to recreate his personna eh? Still, it was good to see the dynamic dou together again:)
Today I have the nerve conduct test. I'm in hopes that someone can turn off my toes! Have a great day blog readers, I'm in the shower!

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Rian said...

I liked it. I liked the format better than Idol--didn't need to see all those dorky hotel auditions. And I liked it better without the Xs (Piers Morgan's favorite button) to send them packing. I liked the first act, the little girl. She's got a brilliant future. And that kid that just got out of rehab, I think he could go far. LA Reid doesn't have the personality that Randy "Pitchy" Jackson has, but I like that he brings a note of serious producer-ness to the show.

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