Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Munz

Happy Birthday Jamie. I will forever celebrate this day. 9x9=81 will ring my ears for the rest of my days.I hope that 27 years loving you is enough to sustain me until I can hold you again. Today I will work on our quilts again.  I do try, Son. I do. I find good stuff and I think good thoughts, but still I wish to share them with you. You've missed so much I tell you! I know that you would love playing Angry Birds, and hated Words with friends. You would been first to have a IPAD tablet, and taught me to use mine. I drove to Idaho alone and you would have laughed at me. Justin was in the hospital and sick as ever! You would have been very upset.You would have been Shawns favorite toy, and your neices would have you so wrapped. Your Dad has had such a rough road, but Im sure that you had a hand in his recovery. I've won some great awards this year Munz. While you would be so proud, I know that you would also chid me for not having your Wooby restored yet. TV would tickle you with all the reality shows. I can see you coming out of my bathroom telling me to "Respect the roll and cover my naked toilet paper!" I miss your your funny good timing.
Maybe a true love would be yours by now. Maybe even a grand Munzy for moi`? Everytime a new song comes out that I know you'd love, I make that little eleven frown in my forehead that you tease me about. It's because I'm missing you. Theres so much to celebrate, or think about today.... Kendalls birthday, friends birthdays, Rudy's birthday, 9-11 tributes... but I can only celebrate the first time I saw your big blue eyes look into mine. I pray that I never lose that memory.
I'm getting better James, but I'm missing you.


Leigh Ann said...

Dear Gina, We go through this same event every year on our son's birthday. It has been 6 years and every year I think about all the things he would have loved, such as, the 4 beautiful little boys of our daughter's. Our Kevin would have been 30 years old this year. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leigh Ann, and my deepest sympathies to your heart. Jamie too would be 30. I wish I had some grands of his to hold.. you love yours up for me K?

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