Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Raining Pillow Cases!

Throw Your Hands In The Air ------And Wave `Em like You Just Dont Care!

And make a bunch of pillow cases for no particular reason!
So I'm obsessed with them.. I admit it.. Its super fun, quick, and I think I'll just use them for gift wrapping! lol
Anyway, heres the directions if you peoples want to become hooked with me. Or... maybe youve moved on to postcards, hand dyes, etc... Remember when I couldnt move away from the Swarvarski crystals? Wow.. I have an addictive personality me thinks. Thank God I dont live in Vegas! Whoa!

Standard pillow cases:

Cuts are selvedge to selvedge approx 42 -44  inches

Sleeve: 9” x 42ish
Accent  2” x 42ish ( fold and press lengthwise)
Body     27” x 42ish

Lay sleeve face up
Lay body on top of that… face up
Lay accent piece on top of that raw edges on top, folded edge on bottom
When all pieces are lined up straight, Pick up end of body and fan fold it on top of all creating a tube.
Now pick up sleeve and cover all. All raw edges should be even at top. Pin, do not grab the fan fold. You should be pinning 5 layers of fabric total.
Stitch ¼ inch across top, where pinned.
Now pull the center fan fold out, keep pulling until all out. Press.
Square up getting rid of selvedges.
With wrong sides together, pin and stitch down long side and pivot and stitch across the bottom in ¼ seam. (Make sure your accent seams match up)
Poke corners after turns to have a nice square edge.
Turn pillow case right sides together and stitch again ½ “ seam on top of under seam.
Turn pillow case again.  This has created a flat fell, or French seam. (No raw edges)
* Be mindful to back tack your opening when you begin to stitch.
Great Grand gift Ideas! 
 I'm sending Shawn a little sleepytime book,and a car, inside a pillowcase! Funnily enough the car says excedrin pm     LMAO!!!!!


Marilyn said...

I love making them....last year I made over
50 for my great nieces and nephews. They
couldn't make up their minds about a fabric.

Midge E. said...

Hey Gina,I think the body should read 27" not 7"...
Love your blog always a good read!!

Anonymous said...

RUT RO!! THANK YOU! I fixed it:)

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