Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"Laughter is the closest distance between two people."

And Holding.............. Good morning:) Its a tell all Tuesday isnt it? Grunt. Ok, let me guzzle this coffee real quick like a bunny first. BRB
Whats it been now a month? Five weeks? I forget.(menopause happens) I still have no dang results from the nerve testing. That ticks me off as my feet and hands seem to be worsening. My energy levels have gone up however! I do not SEE a differance anywhere having lost the first ten pounds, but I do "feel" it. I'll take it. Yeh Buddy, I'll take it! Ten pound loss to date.

NO White At Night

 I'll say here and now that i am advocating this little, simple sensible book to anyone and everyone. I pray everyday that I continue. I do not feel hungry, nor deprived. I do WANT white at night, but I summon up all that i posess in will power ( which isnt much) and I dont cook it.
I love the feeling of "hope" for the future. It has seriously become my new normal... ... New book... Waiting for normal...lol

 My little FitBit Buddy is a great motivator all by itself. I find myself being held accountable to my computer stats! lol I have been amazed at its tracking abilities, and it has helped me greatly to "KNOW" where I am screwing up in food intake. ( searching for 40/30/30)

Last but not least FOR SURE, is my BFF linda, affecionatley known as the punisher, makes me GO when I would rather not, and is a great "pacer" As I would rather stroll and chat than kill myself trying to keep up with her little fast self! I used to be THAT person, so i am definetley on her heels.

Second Cuppa:   Heres the thing, just as with quilting, cooking, business, almost anything, we must have the right tools for the job at hand. Without them, our tasks are just more difficult, with less chance of success. I have the above tools, and in my opinion, the RIGHT tools for the job. Today.... I am successful. Tomorrow? Is another day, but I am hopeful.
Make it a great day!
Love yer guts!


Marilyn said...

Great job on the weight loss, you are doing

Anonymous said...

Yeah Gina!!! I knew you could do it & you will continue!! You will be so glad & feel so good, it will just become habit before you know it. As we get older we are just like vintage cars. We need more maintence to look as good as we did when we were young. Do you have to give yourself insulin? As you lose more weight you may not have to or have to take less. I am celebrating with you & saying prayers for your continued success. Jill Boettcher, jmboettcher@charter.net

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