Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Portland, Day One, I made it!

Not with any help from airlines! Remember when I went to MQS and they lost my luggage? THIS time they nearly lost ME! I was re routed to Phoenix! WHAT?? Ahuh... Bad weather in San Francisco... AHUH... how bad could it be in SF? I finally arrived long after midnight and hailed a cab instead of the light rail. Because I'm a chicken, thats why. Forty bucks and an hour later, I fell into my room. Slept in late on my birthday, cause I could!!! I met up with June and we got our walk on......and on, and on, and on. No need for treadmill today for sure!We walked the mall here and watched ice skaters dance. I also found .....wait for it........ A Pandora dealer!!! My bff Linda slipped me a very cool birthday card and she KNEW what I would get! Wanna see?

Its two of the above looking bubbles... in honor of our impending win at PIQF Bubbling Beauty:) The swirls you see is just my safety catch, Its not easy taking a pic of your wrist with a cell phone!
Ok, So I have early classes tomorrow, so I will leave you with a few shots of Portland. I'll try to blog this week, or least pst pics right!!!
Love yer guts! G
the view from my home for the week,


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a marvelous time!

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday...what a birthday your going
to have. Glad you arrived and started
right in getting presents, good start for the

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