Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pacific International Quilt Fest Winner

Not me, but close! A friend and colleauge here in the area , along with her client took a first in the Brother Amatuer catagory for Grandmas flower basket.
 Heres a pic:)
 Congrats to June and Margaret!
This quilt has actually inspired me to finish Ma's hand embroidery and enter it in her honor next year... Maybe.......

In other news, I am doing my personal best to be on the mend. I think............The older I get, the harder it seems to KICK an illness. Also, trying to keep my blood sugar levels in check is absolutley mind wrenching! I hit highs, I hit lows, I do a little fit throwing dance upstairs with sore fingers and aching ribs daily! grunt. I will win, because I said so!
I finaly finished the DWR last evening. Its ready for its photo shoot as we speak. Next!
Sorry that I missed M & M's yesterday. I am not myself these days. I'm not even Sybil these days. Hey... speaking of that. I understand that everyone talks to themselves once in awhile, but do you peoples ever have entire conversations with yourselves? Complete with arguments? Whats wrong with me????? I just shake my head when I notice this going on. I better stop thinking and move it, move it, move it. My FITBIT misses me:)

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