Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moneyball! Go "A's"

The main thing is to care. Care very hard, even if it is only a game you are playing."
– Billie Jean King

Its all about passion eh? Good morning:) I'm not awake, but I'm moving. Kinda.It's raining. grunt. WHY??? I just cant believe its started already. I'll make soup and it will all be good. Maybe the Italian Sausage soup? Hmmmm
Do you peoples know how much I like to go to the movies? Yep yep yep, I do. This week we had the fun of a baseball game in comfort! Moneyball didn't disappoint. I have always had a love /hate relationship with the A's. I cheer them on only to watch my favorite players to be traded up for more money. Then I have to BOO them on other teams. Not good. Anyway, I still have pendant after patches stashed for the quilt to beat all quilts. UFO am I! I wont say that the movie was great, but it was entertaining. It told a true story that I was actually privy to. I got a kick out of the economics geek more so that Brad Pitt! Its sad that its all about the money in the game. Its hopeful to see that its all about ones own passions as well. Moneyball gave me warm fuzzies and a real craving to go to a real game. A real "A's" game! I think next up is Happy Feet 2!!!
7:00 am... gotta move it! LYG!

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