Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Only Thing That Remains The Same Is Change

"Calm self-confidence is as far from conceit
as the desire to earn a decent living is remote from greed."

Morning. So Ma, as usual, is is once again correct. I contend that adaption to lifes directional changes is necessary to good mental health. They dont say " roll with it" for nothin` eh?
Whether its a new computer system to learn, a new home or partner, a lost loved one, I have learned that change is a defining force in mine and you peoples lives. PERIOD.
Now that I have made peace with this knowledge, I can more easily shift from one stage to the next. In total wonderment, I might add. Its not an easy process you know. Especially as I age::::gracefully::::
It has required from me that I learn new ways to "weave and bob" if you will, maneuver through my new life.I have figured out that even good changes are none the less stressful too! Yep... New tech toys, new friends, different living environments, etc.
I have read extensively that these kinds of changes stave off Alzheimer's and keep the mind neurologically sharp. In my case, I feel as though its learning new languages. Some even difficult languages. My tools for the job? I have a pocketful. Most importantly, optimism, involvement in life, acceptance of loss of any kind, and physical activity.  I must admit that these top tools are NOT easily used, but a must for me to thrive. I do not wish to be so rigid in the autumn of my life, that I rationalize not keeping up with the times, toys, and terminology of the current year. I hope and pray that I never feel again as if I'm losing ground. I wish to keep up with my grand babies and SHOW THEM how to use their tech toys instead of the other way around. Some might call it control... ok... I'll buy that for a dollar too.
You peoples may be wondering by now why I am discussing this over coffee today. Well... It would seem that I am constantly going through changes in the past few years and this month is no exception. I am learning the Intelliquilter System, along with a new tablet, and a half dozen other things software ( mind boggling) related. All good mind you, but change, and stress, none the less. All on the heels of trying to convince my body that Diabetes is unacceptable and must be eradicated. The nerve issues alone in my limbs are making me mental.
I may not be able to stop this train from running down the track, but I can slow it down and enjoy the journey, rather than viewing it as a wreck coming soon.
Hey.... thanks for the chit chat:) Damned good coffee!
Hey! Lets do Missed Marvelous Monday K? Gratitude...ahhhhhh
New tech toy tools!

PS: This touched me the right way..................enjoy


Garry J Gonzales said...

Cousin many have come into my life and warmed my HEART but very,very few have warmed the soul. You warm the SOUL GINA.I can hear a cloud of witnesses cheering us on from the HEAVENS. Depositing rather than withdrawing is what I hear them saying.Making a difference cause they made a difference in our lives. Thank you JESUS for the memories of my LOVED ones. MAMA,GRAMAS,AUNTS,UNCLES,COUSINS AND DEAR FRIENDS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Garry, I like to feed my family, so that I may feel full:)

Lindah said...

I hear you, Gina. It is so much easier to be comfortable and coast. The older we(I) get, the more effort is required to participate and to share what has been given. You mentioned "control." Is it really about control or is it about blessing? To be a blessing to others at 50, 60, 80, 100 would be such a blessing. My FIL was a blessing every day from his wheelchair until he went to heaven at 101. Wow! We can do it, Gina. With God's help, you and I can do it!

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