Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cal Terra Tratorria In Atascadero

How about some dinner fun on a HumpDay?
 I had a blast at Cal Terra this week and was very entertained!
He sang Da Blues........:::SIGH:::Steve Tracy is his name.

Loved it! I didnt have my usual Calamari Strips this time. I chose a salad, and some wine, what else? Brandon, the owner is quite personable, and his staff, attentive.
Heres a tip: Dont wait for Wednesday to visit them! YUM!


Anonymous said...

Love it. !! Are you coming March 10th. We are having a art show with tree local artist. Live music free apps and Cass has Donated wine. It's 2-4:30. Followed by a pre fixed dinner till 6. A protion of all sales goes to "Open the Doors of Atascadero library. "
See you there :-) Jen

Betty said...

My husband Joe and I love this place .. the food and everything about it...yummy.
♥ Betty

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