Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Shut Down

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar

                                                                 Raymond Lindquist

Well, I guess I'm courageous! Who knew?
How are ya? No cooking for me today. All about the quilts. I gots priorities member? I do have a fantastic one for you tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!
I just shut down the shop. Watched American Idol and quilted.
I am working on a king this week. All house. Loving it too! I'm feathering it to death. Well feathers go with neighborhoods right? Just think of the birds! I have also been hard at work job hunting. Money hunting. Familiar hunting. Just hunting. I feel like a hunter gather-er. grunt. I eveb hunted down a new cake recipe for Blima to make for me! LOL ( G doesnt bake, its too damn precise) Well, thats not true, sometimes I bake. But right now Im losing weight member? No baking! So my goal is to get to Blima in summer, and eat nothing but cake!!!  They dont call her Blimacake for nothing!
I miss our foodie functions. I think we foodies got together only four times. Serious fun for at least 14 of us. So many changes since then. Life steamrolled for me personally eh? When first she an I met online, I was a skinny little food and beverage director. Single. Happy. So full of life. She hasnt changed too much, me...well, you know..... I think I met Heather in the same year:) 1996... What has gone on since then is nothing short of remarkable! She has babies!! Babies!! I better go and make my tea before I get all mushed out. Miss you guys!

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