Monday, March 12, 2012

MM Power To Da Poodle!

For Unconditional Love & Loyalty, Your Best Bet is a Dog

Good morning:) Happy Marvelous Monday! Whatcha grateful for last week? You tell me this time!
Do ya love the above quote?  Pooch? Me too!
I think I want a herd of Well, until I try to sleep and Gin is the super bed hog! I swear I can sleep right on top of her and she wont MOVE! And she dreams out loud! I think she is in pain and go to wake her from the nightmare and save her from the monsters! She is quite "gassy" which really makes me mental and grosses me out. When I leave her home alone I am punished by the tipping of trash cans all over. Justttt making a mess for ya Ma.
 She is a circus freak upon my return acting as though she hasnt seen me in six years. Someimes I break things while trying to come through the front door. (sorry KareBear) Ginger insists on being up my nose 24/7 and right on my lap if I sit down. No one told her that she is a "mini" NOT a "toy" poodle. She gives me the stink eye whenever I do something unacceptable to her. She shows her teeth also when she doesnt like the scent of something. Many lotions have gone in the garbage because SHE SAID SO.
Now that you know what a pain in the butt this creature is, let me tell you why I need an entire herd of em!
It doesnt matter what I do, say, think, feel, she loves me more than her own exsistance. In everything that she does, it shows. For every "stink eye" there five million adorning looks on her face. She is a comfort to me, and would try to kill anyone who dared to hurt me. Not that she could, but she THINKS that she can. ( and tries!) Ginger would never sit in judgement of anything I do. Ever. She wouldnt even scold me. I know that if she could talk, she would tell me all of this. Someone worships the very ground on which I walk! LOL This makes me happy. Gives me much needed pleasure. I can braid her hair, shave her face, monkey pick her skin, and she just loves me.
I never wish to be without her, however I know I must suffer that loss one day too. I freaking hate loss. Until that day comes I will be forever grateful for her love. Sent to me at just the right time. As is everyone I have ever known.
I dont understand why everyone doesnt have this kind of a friend. They should! It should be a rule.

MM Include:

This week I give many of my weekly gratuities to Ginger Snap. 
 Princess of the house!

Pastors message yesterday on the book of Ruth. Such a great love story.
My hair length inching back finally! WTF was I thinking?
People in the box

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You must have been reading my mind! I lost another (2 in 6 weeks) of my furbabies today and it is about to kill me! I knew the day was coming because most of my dogs are geriatric but not this soon! Are we ever ready for death? NEVER! Only another pet lover can understand. My furbabies always keep me company so I am never lonely. They feel any sorrow I have. The also feel all of my excitement. My remaining 4-legged friends are searching the house for their lost friend. It is so heartbreaking to witness. My huge Husky even tried to crawl under my bed trying to find little Lilly Ann tonight. I always called her my secret weapon because she would crawl under my bed and bark when a strange voice came in the house. LOL...such memories. Thank you so much for this post! It has allowed me to reflect..albeit through tears! Love ya G!!

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